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  1. I took my truck to the dealer and they found that the issue was with the XM antenna. Will be fixed once the part is in and I will update if any other issues arise.
  2. I have a 2014 Sierra SLT Z71 that has developed a leak on the roof in front. Has anyone else experienced water intrusion from the top of the front window? Thanks!
  3. I purchased my Sierra new in May 2014 and have had a significant number of issues and I feel the list just keeps getting longer. Can anyone let me know if the have experienced any of the same issues? 1. Dim Headlights 2. Delay in rear view camera, shutting off 15-30 seconds after put in drive. 3. Driver seat loose ( I only weigh 190lbs also) 4. Stalling in corner acceleration 5. Radio volume shooting up to max and not allowing to adjust. 6. Remote start not working 7. Squealing forms tearing wheel when turning 8. Rough startup/extended key hold time to start up 9. Poor fuel econom
  4. Hopefully they come up with a way to update and fix glitches with the radio without having to take it in every single time. I'm already tired of taking it in. I still love my SLT, but 50+k and having these problems is a little absurd.
  5. Has anyone experienced the radio bugging out? I've had issues with the rearview camera not coming on and staying on too long. The radio flakes out when I have the Bluetooth connected also. Anyone else experience the seat being loose?
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