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    Well I was in an accident in late August and was broadsided in my drivers door by a Ford Ranger traveling 55 mph and my GMC saved my life / ass! I was flown to a trauma center and released the next day the insurance company fixed my truck to the tune of $21,600 dollars. The truck never rode quite the same afterwards. In Dec 2015 I was getting my oil changed at the dealership and there was a 2016 GMC Sierra SLT in light steel grey and had a tag that said $10.556.00 off the invoice of $52,700 and some change so they paid off my 2014 and gave me $9000.00 towards the new one on top of the $10556.00 already reduced so here it is!
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    Thank you all!
  3. New to the Forum

    Just a hello to the forum members! Havent had a GM since my 1987 K5 Blazzer got rid of my 2005 problem ridden Nissan Titan ! Picked up a 2014 GMC Sierra in White Diamond and love it! I have 7000 miles on it and dont have a single bad thing to say about it LOVE IT!

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