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  1. The first time I used the 110 plug in my 2014 Silverado, it did not power up my device and there was a burning smell in the cab. The next time my truck was in for service, it was replaced under warranty.
  2. Does anyone have an answer this? I have the same issue now.
  3. I hate to say that I feel the same way. After 9 GM vehicles, this will probably be my last. Like you said it doesn't help that you get the reminder every single day when the radio comes on. Just can't believe that our 2004 Camry has perfect radio reception and great headlights, and my 2014 Silverado has neither.
  4. That is exactly what I had done with my 2008 Silverado and kept XM until I bought my 2014. In this instance I was trying to activate XM, finally caving in to crappy radio reception, which I believe is exactly what XM knows some owners will do. I went round and round with the girl on the phone and even got elevated to a supervisor, but no deal. It was after i mentioned I was a previous long term customer who always got offered a reduced rate, that is when I was told that my current vehicle did not qualify for any deals. In fact one of the first things they asked if the service would be for my 2014 Silverado before they gave me any pricing. I totally agree that it shouldn't matter what vehicle it is for, that is why I think that XM knows about the problem and feels they have us GM owners over a barrel.
  5. I think XM knows their bad too. In the past I have always bargained with XM to get a great price, but last week they wouldn't budge. They asked if it was for my 2014 Silverado, and then they told there were no deals being offered for that vehicle.
  6. The headlights(projectors) in my 2014 Silverado are nowhere near as bright as the lights in my 2008 were. As mentioned above, I frequently have to use my high beams on roads that I had never had to before. The projectors also do not shine well to the sides, making turns in rural areas difficult.
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