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  1. 99 silverado engine noise

    It definitely is a scary sound, I was convinced it was in the motor , well at least the guy that fixed it was honest , could have taken me for a ride
  2. 99 silverado engine noise

    Could not have been any further off on what I thought the issue was!!! I took it in to reputable local guy , it was a bolt in the torque conv that had backed out that was hitting the inside of the housing --- he told me it is a common problem for the 6.0
  3. 99 silverado engine noise

    While the cover was off I ran it, and did not see anything out of the ordinary but will pull back off and turn crank to check to see if one is loose , I have a feeling possible a collapsed lifter
  4. 99 silverado engine noise

    motor is 6.0 only goes away when you drive it, not the typical chevy tap , much worse , I have valve cover off on the side it is coming from now but do not see anything unusual yet
  5. When in park if engine is reved there is a dinging sound drivers side in motor,, start to drive and it goes away. Rocker arm or valve spring possible? Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot, I was under it yesterday while running and cannot locate source.
  6. 1999 Silverado 2500-FUEL ISSUE??

    Installed new pump all is well, gas gauge even works correctly, thanks everyone!1
  7. 1999 Silverado 2500-FUEL ISSUE??

    OK Yesterdays results-- Had to work in the morning so I did not start until around 11AM, Originally was going to drop the tank so that if there was any junk in it I could get it cleaned out but I backed out of that plan when I found that the fuel line needed to be removed first from the filter back, which looked like I would cause more damage then good since there was no room to play.. So I followed the info from "black02silverado" and took the bolts out of the bed on the drivers side and loosened the passengers side and was easily able to get jack stands in between the bed and frame and remove the pump which was so easy to do, I would recommend this approach for anyone that has to get to the pump.. Long story short by the time I got it out and confirmed that it was a single wire no one had it in stock that was still open, so I ordered and should have it early this week. I will keep you posted thanks for everyones help!!
  8. 1999 Silverado 2500-FUEL ISSUE??

    Hooked up pressure gauge today.. once system was primed back up it sits at 45 lbs not started (waited 10 minutes to make sure it held pressure)... started it stayed around 45 idled up and it was the same.. removed vacuum line from fuel regulator and it jumped up to 52lbs so that's working.. I could not find anything consistent on what the pressure should be any thoughts? I draining the freaking tank next if I find that the pressure is ok
  9. 1999 Silverado 2500-FUEL ISSUE??

    Changed filter still same issue , when sitting there idle seems fine with a slight miss that it did not have before. Tried to drive it just shudders with no power.. I can hear the fuel pump loud and clear so assuming it is working correctly..Autozone did not have a pressure gauge available for me to borrow but should have one tomorrow then I will give it a try
  10. 1999 Silverado 2500-FUEL ISSUE??

    Thanks I am going to change the filter and check the pressure at the rail,
  11. 1999 Silverado 2500-FUEL ISSUE??

    Truck has 127k , last gas aprox 2 weeks ago at a Valero , I will try the pressure gauge and change the filter tonight.. The fuel pump is in the tank on this correct?
  12. 1999 Silverado 2500-FUEL ISSUE??

    I am going to try the fuel filter , but do not think that is the issue.. It starts right up but is idling a little rough, as soon as I go to drive it , there is no power at all I mean barley will make it up driveway.. When idling you can rev it and it misses a bit but sounds like plenty of power to push it down the road.
  13. ANY SUGGESTIONS HERE WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!! MY 2500 fuel gauge is reading empty and I Know there is fuel, truck will barely move , I am thinking fuel pump or pickup in the tank? Not sure if it is related but at the same time yesterday , my driver side window will not work at all, any possibility to 2 are on the same circuit? Please help!!
  14. gas gauge stuck on full

    I guess I answered my own Question )
  15. Hi All - I have a 2500HD ,Silverado 99'- gas gauge will not come off of full. After doing a bunch of searching on different web sites yesterday, seems like a common problem with the sending unit in the tank.? Anyone know of way to test this without dropping the tank.? Thanks!!

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