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  1. Hey Chris, sent a PM but no reply just thought I'd bump this and say I'm interested
  2. OP, your only affordable option is going to be a salvage yard. That's where most of those Ebay listings are coming from, guys are buying them up and trying to flip them to someone who doesn't know any better. I just found mine at a yard in Texas, shipped to me in Ohio for $385. It's on the UPS truck now. car-parts.com and search for A grade parts. Most listings will have pictures attached so you can see what your after. Some of the yards have gotten wise to this and are charging a premium but there are still deals to be found. Good Luck!!
  3. Hey Guys and Gals, Just like the title says I have a new set of Nitto 22's I've decided not to use. I thought about moving up from my 20's but I've changed my mind. I am located southeast of Dayton, OH. and about 30 minutes north of Cincinnatti. I'd prefer to sell these locally as I'm sure the shipping would be on the high side but if your willing to pay it I'll be happy to work it out with you. I'm asking $900 for the set. These are just a shade smaller than a true 33x12.50x22. They are 32.8" Tall and 12" Wide. I will be traveling to Chicago from the Dayton area on the mo
  4. Sounds just like this one. No it's not mine, I just don't have the time to make my own sound clip any time soon. Look closely at the head pipe, the end that connects to the factory flange is flared. Reuse the factory clamp and it matches right up.
  5. Least week I found a smoking deal on Amazon, $386 to my door for the stainless exhaust for the crewcab standard bed part no.65662. I own a double cab standard bed so I knew it would not be a direct fit. After looking at the parts list, the only difference was the 3" inch head pipe. I assumed it would just be a little longer and fortunately I was right. The hanger positions are the same, the only modification required was cutting off 10" of the head pipe length. Now for the exhaust review. Install was easy with basic hand tools. I would recommend a sawzall for cutting. The stock exhaust
  6. Good Morning All, Back in the GM saddle 25 years later. Just picked up a 2014 LTZ 4X4 in Sonoma Jewel/Jet Black from a local dealer here in Ohio. The last Chevy I owned was a 1987 Silverado short box. I loved that truck, but have not been a fan of GM since the change in '89 I think it was. Anyway, I've been happy with this one and have already started the "mod list". Of course the windows were tinted and the new Gibson super truck cat back is on the way. Next on the list will be a lift/level kit, if I can just figure out which one will be best for me and my budget. Maybe I'll get l
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