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  1. Literally had this happen to me once like a week ago. Remote wouldn't open the doors, so I got the spare fob, still no luck. At that point, guessed it was a discharged battery. Jumpstarted it in like five seconds with a battery I happened to have handy, and it started right up. I checked battery side cables, and all seemed tight. It hasn't happened again, but all clocks and such kept their time, so I dunno. 2015 Silverado, with the 4.3. Let me know if you find a solution.
  2. Rear leaf springs noise

    Just as an update for my case, First visit to the dealer, I told them about the problem, and they immediately asked if I had the truck undercoated, which I had. They then said that was the cause, as the oil between each leaf caused dirt buildup. This caused them to bind against each other, or so they said. They then powerwashed the leaf springs to remove said buildup. Needless to say, this did not correct the issue. I recently went to a different dealer, and they gave me a loaner vehicle, and had the truck for about two hours. They retorqued the ubolts, and this appears to have solved my issue. I will post up again if it is not in fact fixed.
  3. Loud audio buzzing noise

    Well damn, leaf spring noise,and now I can be added to the unlock and open door to loud buzzing and mylink screen blank issue. I wonder how many more hidden features GM has built into this truck. I can't wait for the leak and vibration. Those sound like fun.... If anyone finds a cure, please post up...
  4. Rear leaf springs noise

    P.S my truck is a build date of february 2015 and has only 6000km, So nothing is better with the 2015 models.
  5. Rear leaf springs noise

    Enroberts, I am right here with you, I have the exact same issue as i mentioned earlier. Document everything. The last car manufacturer that gave me the working as designed B.S ended up buying the vehicle back with 25000 km on it. This was through Camvap (canadian only unfortunately) but I will gladly do this again. GM reps, surely you can do more then simply talking to worthless service advisors? How is GM going to fix issues if the dealerships wont properly represent the customer and complaints?!?! I traded in a Honda Ridgeline with 100K on it that had zero warranty issues. Give me a reason to think I didn't make a mistake....
  6. Rear leaf springs noise

    The video above is Exactly like my truck. At least I am not alone. I figured after reading this thread that lateral spring movement was the cause, based on how I was getting the noise, but I am not sure how to show them moving. Anyone able to recreate the noise and show or video the movement? I really noticed this issue after a crown treatment.

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