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  1. Hey guys, I have been a long time lurker and I am am getting ready to either throw the leveling kit I had on my 2014 on to my 2016 or go with Bilsteins. Let me begin by saying I had the 2.25" Ready Lift on the front and the 2" block on the rear of my 2014 and loved the way it sat, looked and rode. I had 305/50/20s wrapped around the truck and it was a glorious truck until I got T-Boned. I want a similar setup but now my wife is now concerned with the warranty crap, blah blah blah, and instead of throwing a kit on there, told me to find something else. Well I am looking at the thread and EVERYONE seems to have different measurements, some of them not even in the same ball park as what I figured the majority of trucks would run, yes give or take a little, I understand. I have done my research and figured if I get 1.8" out of the front, my front end will be higher than the rear (it is weird but I have measured and remeasured the truck on multiple occasions) and then I will have to add the block unless the rear Bilsteins, being a bit stiffer/better than stock will give me some support/slight height in the rear just due to overall quality of stock since I know they aren't adjustable. Now that you are tired of reading this ridiculously long post, I guess I am looking for what does the front actually achieve and does the rears give you a slight bump just due to overall better quality of shock?
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