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  1. I am in the process of installing a custom auxiliary fuel tank system and would like to tap into the gas tank fuel sender. Has anyone done this or have information pertaining to the wiring of the fuel tank level sender? Thank you! Really appreciate any input.
  2. 2015.5 2500 HD LTZ with 22,000 miles. In the shop for a week. Replaced upper oil pan gasket.
  3. It took a week and part of the problem lied in the fact that the Dealer was hesitant to remove the windshield because it was going to take 3 weeks to get a new one if it broke getting it out. So I insisted that they do their best to get it out with out breaking it and they did. It is very disappointing to spend this kind of money on a high margin product to have a very obvious quality defect. This is my third GM product in a row and it will give me hesitation in the future. Thank you for following up!
  4. Update: My 2015 2500HD Duramax LTZ Crew Short (last 8 of the VIN: FF558385) was in the shop for a week. They finally isolated the issue to water penetration at the top of the passenger side windshield pillar. They removed the windshield and repaired/resealed the seam at the top corner, put the windshield back in. They retested and stated that it was the problem and is now dry. We will find out as I am headed from Denver to Chicago on Sunday and there is going to be plenty of rain. Not sure how it left the factory leaking so bad but maybe they really don't test them.
  5. I also have a less than two week old 2015 2500HD Duramax LTZ Crew Short (last 8 of the VIN: FF558385). It has been raining the last two days here in Golden, CO so I pull the truck into the shop to install the new weather tech floor mats only to find standing water in the passenger floor board when removing the factory rubber mat. I jump in the truck and immediately take it to the dealer who vacuumed the water out and I left it airing out at the dealership. Hopefully they will find the problem quickly on Monday. I simply cannot believe it and am beyond disappointed!!! I wonder how many more are out there with the same issue? I am just glad I found mine this quickly. With normal Colorado weather it could have gone undetected for a very long time had it not been for the steady rain and changing the floor mats. I would never ever think I needed to check the carpets for water. Guess I'll check every rain now. Is there an official service bulletin yet?
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