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  1. So Bart here bought a Chevy, tuned it, pushed it to its limits, proceeded to break it, and is now blaming Chevy? Wow. My head hurts. Good luck with the warranty repairs.
  2. I am looking at the pro comp series 17, 17x8 with 4.25 bs. Im planning on running a 285/70 or a 275 will it rub and how badly, I was a looking at another procomp rim with 0 offset and 285's and someone that had them said they rubbed but only slightly, will it be worse with these rims. thanks.
  3. I want to swap in a lt2/ltz console into my 08, but I dont feel like spending the money or time to wait and find a lt2 console for my truck. So I was woundering, if I bought a LTZ console, but bought a LT2 or DO7 Console insert, (the kind that has the upper storage part), and put it into the LTZ console, and would that slightly cover up the hole? Thanks. This is what I mean in pictures.

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