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  1. Awesome look so far. Love the lift and wheel combo. Stay safe brother.
  2. 6) Window Tint 15% front and 15% rear over the stock 20% (making it 5%) - So far no complaints. Installer uses Llumar tint and clairity/quality is great. During the day my visibility is great all around. At night my rears a tad dark but I still have no issues on backing. Front Window Inside Rear Window Inside Daylight - Front / Rear Comparison Indoor - Front / Rear Comparison Daylight - Inside Rear View Indoor - Outside Rear Window 7) Plasti-Dipped OEM Wheels Black Used 6 cans of black and 3 cans of gloss plasti-dip. Completely removed the wheels, washed and clay-bar'ed each for paint prep. Decided to spray the center caps as well but left my lugs to blend well with the front end. Comparison - Front Dipped / Rear Stock
  3. Thanks. Just had tint done and am dipping my wheels as I type. Photo updates later.
  4. Man I thought I drove a lot. Great thread and a nice truck. Keep up the posts!
  5. Thanks. Yea, I like the clean simple look. Forgot to include intake and exhaust to my to do list as well.
  6. I'm so on the fence with running boards. I have plans for a level and currently don't have any boards. I'd love a set but I have yet to find anything that catches my eye for my truck
  7. Build thread started... http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/175872-2015-z71-black-silverado-double-cab-dobsongeorge/ Enjoy
  8. I purchased in mid-May and have quite a long list of mods to come. Below are before and after photos of my current process as well as a list of what I have planned. I will continue to post as I gather the funds to continue to make it my dream vehicle. Enjoy and feel free to provide your oppinions. 1) Debadge - (before / after) BADGED REAR BADGED SIDE REMOVED BADGES DEBADGED REAR DEBADGED SIDE And the first detail after the debadge 2) Tail Light Upgrade - (before / after) Stock Tails Old on Left - New on Right Spyder U-Bar LED (Black/Smoke) 3) Emergency Light Install Whelen SlimMiser Dash/Deck Light, SoundOff Signal - Ghost Grill Lights (x2), Feniex Cannon 120 hide-a-ways (reverse, fog and cargo lights) and Motorola CDM1550 Mobile Radio on center floor hump Links to Videos of Lights in Action https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwd2kjbh47quxih/TruckLightsFront.MOV?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/e9vvhc72ntbfd40/TruckBlueLightsRear1.mp4?dl=0 The fog, reverse and cargo white emergency lights still function as normal with factory switches, which was a HUGE selling point. They provide pure bright white LED output for my daily fog and reverse lights and tons of extra work light when my cargos are activated. The flasher system is even smart enough to not allow any of the lights to flash when the factory/standard-use switch is active. 4) Mud Flap / Splash Guards (factory item) 5) LED Third Brake and Registration Lights SuperBrightLED Third Brake Light and Registration Lights installed (just bulb replacement - no photos) Future Plans Spyder U-Bar LED Projector Head Lamps VVME HID High and Low Beams Line-X black bedliner Slim Black Truck Box Black Tonneau Cover Black Front Chevy Badge Black Rims Tint
  9. Awesome build and great job posting the good and bad! Keep it up!
  10. Been a bit and I still haven't posted my build process. Thread to come tonight or tomorrow. Finally had a chance to upload my pics!
  11. Thanks guys. I'll put together a customization build thread one of these days. Swapped my tail lights completely and leds in my third brake and registration lights. Have quite a list of upcoming mods including emergency warning lights (I'm a volly firefighter). Good to see an active community.
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