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  1. This is what I plan on doing, but I can't find a fitting to mate to the transmission. The hard lines are "welded" into a square piece that bolts into the transmission housing. I am trying to find a fitting that will let me run the braided hoses. What did you end up doing to make that happen?
  2. NO. A "radiator" is what that tank with fins is called because it radiates heat from the fluid running through it. There is the RADIATOR that your engine uses to run coolant(antifreeze) through; then there is a radiator(little radiator) that is separate that the tranmission coolant runs through.
  3. You can get different aftermarket kits for anywhere from $50 up. If you are mechanically inclined at all, it isn't that hard. I bought separate parts and put them together. The radiator alone was over $200.
  4. It is tiny. About the size of a 8x5 notebook. I learned the hard way that heat is the number one enemy of a transmission. If you're in hills a lot(like I was), or haul very often, it is worthless.
  5. I thought I might get more of a response with somebody that knew something, but crickets... I think I found something. https://www.hgmelectronics.com/products-transmission-accessories/billet-transmission-cooler-manifold-for-6l80-6l90 Anybody know anything about this company or fittings like this? The price seems a little high to me, but that may be because it is the only thing out there.
  6. I have a 2012 LTZ crew cab with the 6L80e transmission. I put an Earl's performance cooler on my transmission to replace the tiny thing that comes from the factory. I want to replace the transmission fluid lines from the trans to the cooler. I am trying to find a fitting that will work where the factory hard lines bolt to the transmission housing. Anybody know where to find one? Thanks
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