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  1. Thanks ifixedit. I will try and look for a pressure reader for my exhaust and also I will try a rubber mallet. Hopefully I can get this issue fixed. While driving it yesterday I notices out of 5 stop lights it hesitated 3 times.
  2. And no calibration or tuning is needed. As Sierra stated, it is plug and play so to speak
  3. The problems were happening before I switched the injectors, I was hoping it would fix the problem. It does run a bit better though. Some people told me to try changing the oxygen sensors and if that doesn't work then the catalytic converters. Any thoughts? Besides that I'm at a complete loss and have no idea what could cause this.
  4. My 98 does not have the push button 4wd it is the stick on the floor. Just thought I'd throw that in.
  5. I guess it makes sense that when it's cold out the engine takes longer to warm up so it seems to run better. When it's hot out it seems almost instant that it starts to hesitate with the engine hardly warmed up. So yes it does seem to run better before it warms up and starts to hesitate once it gets warmed up. And ideas what could cause the fuel mixture to become lean?
  6. Every time it gets hot outside my truck hesitate after stopping at a stop light and has little get up and go when I press the gas petal. I have replaced fuel pump a year ago. I replaced plugs and wires 15,000 miles ago. I replaced fuel injectors to the upgraded mfi about 3 months ago.I have no idea what it could be. Any help would be great thanks!
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