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  1. My fuel economy and DEF usage is back to normal since the pump was replaced. Power is back also. I forgot how good this truck goes! Let us know how the ECU issue pans out!
  2. Got my truck back yesterday. New electric water pump installed, running much better and power is back! Turns out this pump water for the turbo intercooler which is a liquid cooled unit. GM is offering me 35000 GM points as a good will gesture for the parts taking so long to arrive. I told the 50,000 would seal the deal for me but they won't budge. So I'll play the waiting game....
  3. I'm still waiting for a pump. Calling GM today. Dealer is clueless when they will see the parts....
  4. Really good info on the 3.0 Diesel. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10165111-9999.pdf
  5. Just found this online. Guess there are 2 electric coolant pumps on this engine. Not sure which one is acting up but this is a good read: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10165111-9999.pdf
  6. My check engine light is constantly on. I've been using my Dodge Charger as much as possible and only driving my truck when I need to tow my snowmobiles. I believe this pump cools the turbo. Coolant is still flowing but not fast enough when you start working the motor....such as up a long hill or towing. I noticed the ecu pulling power up hills when towing. This must be because the heat building up in the turbo. I'm anxious to have the pump replaced asap. Patiently waiting. I really like this diesel.
  7. 22K on my 2020 3.0 Duramax. Just got this code. Electric coolant pump is bad. Turns out they are on backorder! Must be an issue if they don't have any left in inventory.
  8. I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 with the same steering binding issue. It's been doing it since I bought it in July. I now have 6500 miles. Only happens when turning to the right a highway speeds. The steering actually binds to the point where I have to physically center it. Turning left is fine. Seems to be related to the length of my trip. The longer I drive, the more it happens. On short trips, it's fine. Low speeds, it's fine. Feels like it must be something to do with the rack and pinion unit. I know the rack and pinion is electric power assist. I bet that's where the problem is...the unit gets warm and begins to bind. Any service bulletins on the rack and pinion??
  9. I just joined this forum because I just bought a full size Chevy. This is my 3rd new full size Chevy in the last 10 years. I owned the 2015 Colorado and put 16K miles on it in 9 months. That gives me every right to agree/disagree with CR. I'm not a troller, so be careful with the comments. Type "lennstang" into a Google search and that alone will give you any info you need to know about me.
  10. I agree with most of CR's likes in the article. But: Just traded in my 2015 Colorado Z71 4X4 long bed in for a full size 2015 Silverado. I gave the Colorado 9 months and 16000 miles and had enough. Not many other customers have had there's for as long as me. It completely sucks at towing...the engine screams at redline up hills and is constantly shifting. I towed 2 snowmobiles in an inline low profile enclosed trailer this past winter. My trailer loaded is about 3500 lbs and it just struggles to tow. Fuel mileage is only 9.5-10.5 mpg towing. I tried towing a 4 place enclosed snowmobile trailer which was about 5500 lbs...the Colorado is rated to tow 7500lbs...absolute nightmare...was all over the road. I wouldn't recommend towing anymore than I did. The 3.6 V-6 has good power for everyday driving...if you keep it the RPM's up. It vibrates and is very loud. It's the wrong choice of engine for this truck, they should have used the 4.3L. It rode good but was on the stiff side. I agree about the driver's seat...too small and doesn't tilt like the full size trucks do. The engine/transmission calibrations are way off. It shifts up too soon and causes the engine to lug, kick, buck, surge, ect... This was the biggest reason I got rid of it! This truck should have come with lower gears...3:73's or 4:10's...that would have helped drivability. Fuel economy was good...I saw 25+ on the highway and never less than 16 in town. If all you do is use it to commute to work on the highway everyday, it's not bad. But for rural roads and in town/city driving, it sucks. Check out this if you want more info: http://coloradofans.com/forums/185-engines-technical-discussion/224289-2015-colorado-shuddering-up-hills.html
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