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  1. It's a done deal now, but these folks sure looked enticing: https://westcoastengines.com/
  2. I spoke w/ them this afternoon, got about the same quote for swapping the Intake Manifold for a new Water Pump... Might just pull the trigger tomorrow.
  3. I'm wondering if there is a good reason to question ordering this 5.7L longblock: it specs out as the right kind from what I can see- https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/059/8758K1/10002/-1 It even includes an HEI Distributor w/ the external Coil, would still need to source a water pump and some other bits & pieces...
  4. K., I appreciate the option but from what I can tell that's near on twice on what a good reman costs and I'd suspect will have whatever 'regrettable but resolvable design defects' that come with a factory motor. I'm looking at sales pitches, very much like when we replaced the auto trans earlier this year, about "We do it better than New!"/ I am still holding out hope I can get some feedback based on actual coin being spent in real life with one of these type operations...
  5. Hey folks, I'm helping family keep a 1993 GMC C2500HD (TBI) on the road. It almost got to 500K miles, but two days ago it screeched and stopped running. Motor is locked up pretty solid in both directions & the owner is looking to drop a turn-key 350 in there. It's a daily driver, often hauls a truck-load and most of those 490K+ mile were spent on the freeway. I've been searching the Internet, and both these forums and others, but it's time I went ahead and asked for some real-life recommendations. We have a brand new Distributor
  6. V, Thx a Million, I would never have otherwise known to look for a sticker in th glove box.. We've since replaced the eight bolt Front rotors (and pads) and purged a little brake fluid with fresh. ( I had recently flushed the whole system...) Next on the 'Do This Now' list is worn Door Latches and a Driver's Side that was damaged during a break in attempt. Other than brute force, I was wondering if there is a way to re-align a drooping, mis-aligned door? (I'm thinking I'll start a new thread for this new question.)
  7. Chris, Thank you very much. I was on with GM's 'Tech Support Chat' (It's Sunday right now, dealers are closed...) and they said "I'm sorry, my information doesn't reach back that far. Yep, the new rotors (just opened the box), have Six studs. Truck has Eight bolt pattern. Should have found you guys yesterday.
  8. My friend bought this 1993 Sierra 2WD 2500 some years ago and has since replaced the Driver's side door w/ one from a Chevy 1500. I think the original door had a sticker there, but... I am wondering if there is a way to find out if it's an HD model and what the Gross Vehicle Weight is. Besides wanting to know, just to know, it is making a difference when we belly up to the Parts Counter. Second Question; 2WD front end Brake Rotors. Are the ones for the HD interchangable onto a non-HD truck? Thx, Charley2500
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