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  1. Hey guys, looking to know if anyone has or knows of a 20998064 / 22947767 heated steering wheel that they'd want to part with. This is the full ebony one, does not have the wood grain inserts. Looks just like the regular GMT900 wheel but it's heated. Please feel free to message me or post here Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, just finished adding the seventh motor (Trans Temp) on my 03 Sierra 1500 cluster. When I turn the truck on, the needle doesn't move during the self test. Read that if it is dead, my cluster (which I suspect isn't the original) doesn't have the necessary programming. My friend who owns a fairly large repair shop, has the Tech 2. So my questions are, what needs to programmed? Can I do it with the Tech 2? If I can do it with the Tech 2, how do I go about doing it? Thanks for any help
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