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  1. I recently bought a 1997 GMC Jimmy. Its actually a super clean rig. The glove compartment had service records going back nearly to when it was new. It has around 129,000 original miles and has only had a couple different owners.... it needs plenty of TLC and the first time I attempted any sort of automotive projects was roughly 2 years ago (I actually went to college for computer science). So, attempting to work this out on my own is rough.... you can't really find exactly what you're looking for on Google... So, I have a series of possibly stupid questions... 1. TRANSMISSION: I'm fairly positive that the 3-4 clutch is toast. It won't shift out of 2nd... I have a parts car with a (allegedly) good motor and tranny. Its a 96 Jimmy (same everything 4wd,auto) and I've had a lot of responses on a craigslist ad for a tranny. So, Is there any way to know if a tranny will work before installing it... other than fluid look and smell? Is there any way to tell if a transmission has been rebuilt? And what mods were installed? Is there a newer, better transmission that I could semi-easily install that wouldn't have as many issues as the 4L60E? BRAKE BOOSTER: how much should I pay for a used one? Or should I try to rebuild it. Its not the check valve or the hose, I think its the gasket... KEYLESS ENTRY: the steering cover was missing when I bought it (I'm assuming they thought the tranny issues were a faulty ignition switch), so I can't tell, but did the SLE model come stock with a transponder chip in the key and keyless entry? Like I said, this is my project.... and my daily driver (I put over 2000 miles a month on work vehicles) so I'm sure other questions will pop up... I'll take pics if I need to also.
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