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  1. greetings everyone, especially the audio freaks among all of you... so, im planning to upgrade the stock audio system on my 2015 LTZ, Crew-Cab Silverado (with the Bose system - no active noise cancellation feature). the plan is to leave the original HU, and amplify the front 2 way component (morel elate) with a JL 450/4, and amplify a JL Stealth-box with 2X 10TW5 subs with a JL 500/1. all of which will be managed with a DSP (maybe Bit one or JL FiX 86) and BI-Amp wiring. no passive crossovers. so, i got it all figured out besides a few crucial pieces of information: 1. i know i will need a specific harness to easily allow me to get the high-power signals from the stock Bose amp, that will "feed" the DSP and than the amps using RCA's. the question is, which harness do i need to get? 2. i definitely want to retain the chime sounds + steering wheel audio controls and of course the BT hands-free option. how do i make sure that i do that? and how do i insure that i will not amplify the chime sounds? i will really appreciate any kind of help from anyone who ever upgraded their stock silverado audio system. Thanks! Avihy
  2. Hi there, i got my manual tailgate kit from Pop And Lock (2015 silverado 2500HD, crew-cab), and i've got all the installation process figured out just fine except one thing: where can i find a place to run the needed wires from the outside of the cabin - to the inside on the driver side? i've seen some installation guides and videos that mention a specific hole, somewhere near the driver side door panel, on the floor, but i cant find it. Thank you for any kind of help! Avihy
  3. Hey everyone, just recently i got back driving a GM after selling my 95' Yukon somewhere at 2002. and for the past 4 months i'm rolling in a brand new silverado, 2500 HD, crew-cab LTZ. love this mean machine, just love it, but there's something not right with a specific area on my engine cover. it started a few weeks after i got the car, and just escalated from than: dents and deformation started to appear all around the DURAMAX patch, on the driver side! it looks like this specific area is too weak, even when i lay really soft pressure on it with my finger - not to mention that same situation when the hood is really hot after a long ride or when the car was sitting for a few hours under the sun. has anyone noticed that problem with their new Silverado? i've tried to search the web for any related issues about my problem, but got nothing.
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