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  1. Well as the originator of the thread I wanted to first day thanks for all the replies. I feel a little guilty it's gotten some of you guys in some pretty heated discussions but it just shows there is obvious passion on the topic and truck knowledge at hand. If it helps clear up any what I'm trying to do-im really not going to major off road with this truck I.e. Rock climbing extreme offroad etc...I will go in the occasional creek and muddy cornfield to recover a deer but my main goal is a better look to the truck while keeping the most ride quality I can. For what it's worth 4WParts here in Indianapolis suggests "on the newer Chevys we suggest just adjusting the torsion bars and adding shock extensions and that should give you about two inches". I then asked about a leveling kit and they basically reiterated the last quote again to me. Sooo not sure if that helps or hurts the argument but I can say that after reading everyone's opinion while also thinking about what 4wheelparts said im still "stuck". Im not questioning anyone's knowledge or validity to their points. I'll probably take my truck in and go with 4wheelpadrts recommendation?? :/
  2. Hmm. Well after reading through all the responses again I'm a bit confused. I guess I'll have to research each response more in depth and figure something out.
  3. The picture of that truck looks great and is exactly what I'm looking for! You mention the bars are turned up to the max In that photo...is that when the shock extensions come into play? Maxing out the torsion bars seems like it would really damage all the ride quality no? Sorry so many questions but this is helping me tremendously. That truck looks spot on what I'm going for.
  4. And I also forgot to mention...I definitely understand the points above regarding the cost effectiveness of the solution but I think I'm also to the point that Id rather spend extra money if it give me better ride quality,less wear, etc. Thanks again
  5. Hi all thanks for the responses!! No I will NOT have the snowplow prep package or anything for a snowplow on my truck. Yeah uktimately I would like to find that happy medium of getting a little raise In the front without sacrificing absolutely all of the ride quality. I'm just a bit confused on if I should add some aftermarket shocks as well if I go with 4Wheelpsrts suggestions or if I should just do a full on level kit. Yeah man I live in north Indy (fishers) to and would love any help I could get! Much appreciated.
  6. Hello All, Brand new to this forum but have a question I really need opinions on...I have ordered a 2016 2509HD and after it arrives I want to level the front end some. My initial thought was to go with some type of front level kit. I called 4wheel parts here in Indy and they said with the new Chevys they have been recommending doing shock extensions and turning the torsion bars rather then doing a level kit. I welcome everyones advice and what is the "best" way to level my 2016 2500hd? I would like to get rid of the nose dive and uktimately be able to fit some 33"s max under the truck. Thanks!
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