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  1. Color matched grills?

    That is the all terrain grill. Occasionally if you get lucky you may find one on eBay in the color you want. Otherwise you can get them from your favorite GM parts supplier and it would have to be painted to match. I believe in the past GM sold them already painted but I think that is no longer the case.
  2. MBRP Vs Dynomax

    Yes the 3.5" aluminized steel single side exhaust for the 6.2. I agree that it could be a little louder. I took off the muffler for a few days and just ran with nothing after the 3rd cat. It sounded amazing. Especially when you really got on it. But that was definitely too loud. I was thinking the longer bullet dynomax would be a good improvement in sound since it's a shorter flow through muffler than the MBRP.
  3. MBRP Vs Dynomax

    I've been considering doing the same by swapping that out for my MBRP muffler. I found a website with a lot of options for pipe off all sizes to make the dynomax fit in place of the MBRP muffler. http://www.colemanracing.com/Exhaust-Connector-P4286.aspx
  4. Vinyl on Grille Pics?

    From what I could tell when working with it, yes. Shouldn't leave any residue.
  5. Metro55's 2014 GMC Sierra Build

    Plastidip? Looks great. I really like the contrast between the painted badges and gloss black paint. I've always been on the fence about blacking them out but I may try now.
  6. Vinyl on Grille Pics?

    Not what I was picturing but t looks good. Ever consider wrapping the bumpers in white?
  7. Vinyl on Grille Pics?

    Did you have to do any prep work for them like removing the trim and plastic molding for $250?
  8. Vinyl on Grille Pics?

    The bumper looks great. Really leaning towards doing mine soon.
  9. Vinyl on Grille Pics?

    Got a few pictures today. Obviously too soon to tell about wear and tear. If this peels up I am planning on having it professionally wrapped and may do the bumpers at the same time. Might be possible to do the clear wrap over to protect it. Biggest complaint is a lot of light scratches from the smoothing tool used to install. Hopefully a little wax will help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Vinyl on Grille Pics?

    Just finished wrapping the chrome grille surround tonight. Fairly pleased with the results but I think you are making the right choice by having someone do it professionally. Half way through I ripped the vinyl and had to start over. Was about $60 for a 5'x6' roll of 3m vinyl. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Put some vinyl wrap on the grille surround. Really like the way it turned out though it was a lot more challenging than expected. Probably should have just paid someone to do it Before After Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Blacked out grill

    Looks sharp. Planning something similar on my Sierra. How well does the vinyl match the onyx black?
  13. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/159790-62-w-mbrp-exhaust-sound-clips-dyno/ Here is a good thread with a few videos.
  14. I have the 6.2 and went with the MBRP aluminized steel kit. I believe the part number is s5086al. I got it from autoanything on sale right around $300. I also had my eye on the metal mulisha from Gibson but for similar sound and the best price I could find was close to $500 it was an easy decision. There are some decent videos out there of both systems if you google them. The MBRP has a great start up sound and good during acceleration. It's loud enough to know its there but not obnoxiously so. Drone really not bad at highway speeds. After a week or so I don't even notice it. Only time I really hear it now is around 30-40 mph when in V4 but I don't really spend a lot of time there so no big deal. I may be able to get a video up of start up if you aren't able to find anything online.
  15. When I bought mine from Laura I was offered exactly the advertised price. The actual fine print says something along the lines of everyone pays this price, additional rebates may apply. I think on top of it I got another $750 rebate for being a member of a credit union. They also had another small rebate you could get for being a farm bureau member but I couldn't get it because at the time I lived in the same county that Laura is in. As far as I know those rebates are always available. My salesperson was Dave Pusa. Very nice and easy to work worth. No pressure at all from him but they know they don't have to put the pressure on so you'll probably be fine with anyone you get.

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