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  1. Got the 50" set up along with some paint touch ups.
  2. It's stock lol. The stock stepside rear bumper that the 2014+ silverados come with. Took me a while to track one down since not many people are taking them off. I painted it and installed the pods, but it's a stock bumper.
  3. Thanks! Found it on craigslist for $150 brand new lol. It came off a 2500HD so I had to trim the brackets to make it fit, but if you get one off a 1500 it's a direct bolt on.
  4. I picked up an 05 z71 back in September for the purposes of rebuilding it as an offroad truck. It was bone stock with no A/C, 4x4 not working, lots of rust, and the rear end feeling like it was about to go. Been slowing rebuilding it and I'm pretty happy with how it's coming together. It's a 5spd stick shift, running 4.10 gears with limited slip. Here it is the day I got it. Here's how it currently sits. So far I've fixed MOST of the rust, got the 4x4 working perfectly, AC perfect, rebuilt rear end and replaced most of the front end. Added: 20x12 wheels (temporary until my beadlocks come in) 35x20 Nittos 10k Smittybuilt x20 synthic winch 50" curved Cree lightbar (not shown in pics) 24" straight cree lightbar 2015 stepsed bumper Cree 2x3 pods Westin Winch tray/ Bull bar Sypder Halos Limited Slip Diffs (the factory locker was removed by one of the previous owners for some reason) Painted Front / rear bumper 6" rough country lift kit (it kinda sucks, but can't beat the price) Waiting on my new wheels/tires, and magna flow exhaust. It's been a blast offroading this thing, can't wait to have it finished! More pics coming when UPS drops off my parts!
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