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  1. Ok guys and gals. I have a 94' blazer with the 350 TBI and this problem has started a week ago. It would die when at operating temp and at idle with no load on the engine. I concluded the ignition control module. After replacing that, the engine would stall only at idle with a load. With the symptom seeming to be improving, I found the idle air control was out of range (a-b @ 83ohms) so I replaced that. The problem has not changed at all. At idle and with a load she hesitates and dies, almost like it's a fuel delivery problem. Only engine modifications is a set of headers and a throttle body s
  2. Hey guys, iv got a z71 Tahoe and iv lost 3rd all together... I have tested the shift solenoid for 3-4 and its good. I can manually shift up to 3rd. But have nothing. 4th is fine and is everything else. The only other thing is every so often when I start it she kicks the transfer case into 4h or N. I'm about to pull trans out but am hoping I am wrong and I don't have to rebuild it. Is there a known sensor that causes this problem? Thanks. Sent from my 5054N using Tapatalk
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