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  1. In Your older post you mentioned Northstar batteries. Did you get the NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM94R for your Silverado?


  2. Mine at the Dealership Now pulling 31 ft Travel Trailer with no problems
  3. Rme2513 did you have the Stater Support Shaft Update 16-NA-014 done on your truck?
  4. Update: Getting new torque converter and new fluids. Will let ya know how that does. I do know the Tahoe they've been letting me drive shifts butter smooth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. OK truck has been at dealership (not from where truck was purchased) for about a week now because of steering wheel vibration and clunky transmission and also when left over night you start up in the morning it takes a few seconds for the reverse to grab. The dealership allowed me to drive a brand spanking new Tahoe Platinum so guess I cant complain. So the first time me and service personal talked he said the Torque Converter would be replaced and that GM wanted them to empty out the transmission fluid and refill with different type. I will let him know about the 16-NA-014 Bulletin. I am sure he knows about it. Since I'm not going to mention the dealership at this point the technician told me they were have alot of issues with the 8 speeds. I love my truck and the power of the 6.2.
  6. Oh my not expecting this from a company that was bailed out not too long ago with our tax dollars. And the die hard customers still buying GM vehicles. I hope GM does something that makes everyone happy. I am having the same clunking noise with my 6.2 High Country and also after sitting overnight when pulling out of the driveway the transmission seems to slip a bit then catches and take off. I will wait for now to take in but they do know about it through those GM survey's. I do see it strange that no one has called me. Keep giving info about this so others can keep up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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