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  1. Which cover are you entering to win? ONE (1) 14-ON Chevy/GMC Full Size 1500 6’ 6” Box Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? This is a very clean looking cover for the truck and will keep things dry and safe. What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? The two main features are the ability to fold for access and easy removal when necessary Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? Yes, It is a soft top model. It is not holding up and no security. What do you use your truck for? For personal use, general use to the home improvement store and towing a travel trailer.
  2. Tow Mirrors

    Those mirrors in the link are for a 2013 truck and will not work for 2014 which your profile states you have.
  3. Tow Mirrors

    Thank you for the link but I don't know what the abbreviations are.
  4. Tow Mirrors

    Has anyone found a website that actually gives a description for the wiring harness needed for the doors. I tried to look up the numbers stated earlier in this topic but I can't find the description. Has anyone upgraded there harness from power, heated too power, heated, and turn signal? If so what harness did you use?

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