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  1. would you mind sharing more specs about your set up, please
  2. Yup, it involved denting in the rear inner corner of the fender/frame just a little bit. See pic for reference.
  3. Nope, no contact at ththe front bumper. Contact on liner and rear of the fender but the NorCal mod addressed that. Slight contact at the sway bar when full lock.
  4. slight rub on the liner (need to pull it back) when turned hard, little bit on the sway bar but nothing crazy, dont really turn it that much anyway so its bearable.
  5. Lone star Outlaw 20x9 +13 supreme suspension 3” level Nitro Terra Grappler tires
  6. 295/60/20 with a 3” level in the front and the NorCal mod (trimming inner corner of fenders)
  7. My truck came with one when I purchased it, love how everything is sealed but very inconvenient when moving things around. I will be taking it off and selling it as soon as I can. Moving larger items is a hassle, I move a quad and taller than the bed items often.
  8. I have them on my '14 silverado, I also tow a car trailer now and then. Brakes feel fine to me. Ive had cross drilled and slotted rotors on many of my cars and these actually are the least noticeable. Usually you feel the rotors when you apply the brakes and I went thru the pads very quickly. I sold that pad/rotor combo to many of my customers when I sold domestic/import parts, I never really heard any complaints about them.
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