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  1. Curious if anyone can tell me the difference in suspension between a regular 4x4 and the x31 package? I know different shocks and skid plates but anything else? how does the ride compare and is there any difference in overall height? thanks!!
  2. That must be programmed out. Nothing happens when I turn it to the left except when in park. But as soon as I put it in gear it resorts to default auto. I might be stuck with this unless I pull the control apart and find a way to disable
  3. I tried turning it left to the off position but it seems spring loaded to return to the auto setting. I'm tempted to pull the control apart and see what causes it to return to auto. Only problem is even when I hold it in the off position it seems to be acting as if it is still in auto mode.
  4. Hi all, Im new to this forum and GMC trucks. I just bought a new 2016 GMC 2500hd. Im in Canada so i assume that is why the auto headlight are the default setting. They drive me crazy turning on and off all the time. Driving though big shadows will sometimes turn them on. I want a way to turn off the auto headlights function. i have no issue with the DRL LED lights being on all the time. Ive read through a bunch of topics but most seem to be looking for a way to turn off the DRL's. Any fix to this auto headlight issue? Thanks
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