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  1. It is better for towing, but it will have a little harder ride. I have a max tow and the ride quality is still really good. I haven't had anything heavy in the bed, but have towed a boat. Compared to a 2014 Suburban it feels worlds better! The suburban would squat down like 2in, max tow squats less than a 1/2in. When towing the suburban felt very floaty, my Silverado you can hardly tell anything is there. I agree with the others saying the tow mirrors are very nice to have. If you don't like them you can get max tow without tow mirrors.
  2. It can! Just connect Bluetooth, then press the media button, once you do that you can use your phone to play music.
  3. I have the s7, and I've used the wireless charger on the console. The charger is not to great... to use it, the phone has to be placed perfectly to begin charging. So if I hit a bump it would lose the connection. And that was when I had no case on my phone, now that I have a case it won't charge. Even when it is charging it is a very slow charge. I found others complaining about how bad the wireless charger is, and they also said it is just a 1amp charger. Unless you have another wireless charger, I wouldn't bother using the one in the console.
  4. Thanks for the quick review! I'm leaning towards the SLP, one because my uncle has a camaro full of slp parts, and it is almost half the price of corsa. Only place I can find it on sale is the slp website. Where did you buy yours from?
  5. That's a awesome setup. I'm going to buy either the Corsa or SLP catback. Been trying to decide which one for like 6 months to get...I don't want to install it until it warms up anyway. Is yours a 5.3 or 6.2? Would love to have a custom exhaust like that, but I want something I can put on quick and easy, great job!
  6. I think I have the same problem on a 2016 Silverado double cab with 6.2L. Mine happens at highway speeds, but it is very inconsistent, sometimes it doesn't happen for a few days, then it will happen 5 times in a 10 mile drive. Mine has about 1500 miles. First new truck to, the dealer I found my truck at is 2 hours away. Do I just go into a dealer close to me, or would I have to go to the dealer I bought from?
  7. They were back to normal today. Only have about 1,500 miles on it, I'll ask the dealer next time I'm there and see what they say. Thanks for reminding me they have a switch to turn them off if they annoy me.
  8. I have a 2016 Silverado ltz with front and rear bumper sensors. During the last month they have been vibrating my seat because it sensed something. I figured it was just slow and ice on them, and it was rarely happening. The last few days it has been sensing something in front of me every time I come to a stop or put it in gear. Anyone else have these problems with the sensors? Also aren't the sensors supposed to know when there is a trailer connected? The whole time in reverse it was buzzing. My mom's 2014 suburban had sensors and knows not to beep if you have a trailer, shouldn't mine too?
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