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  1. About 2 weeks ago I was getting on the highway with the heater on and I heard the worst belt squeal ever. Looked at the rear view mirror and saw a cloud of smoke. I pulled over and found fluid everywhere. I popped the hood to find green dye all over (I have already fixed the AC condenser crack so I had some UV dye in the system). I saw the AC belt was shredded and the compressor was completely locked up. I was a ASE master tech for awhile so I decided to tackle the job. When I got the compressor out I was really surprised by what I found. It really EXPLODED. The picture is pretty impressive. Needless to say all I have left of the original AC system is the evaporator. Hopefully it holds together....
  2. I just started getting a rear left and right turn signal bulb warning and hyperflashing. Both turn signals are still working and I have replaced both bulbs with conventional bulbs. Any ideas of where this is coming from?
  3. I have a 2014 Z71 and I have been battling the same noise. Slow speed over a large bump and it squeaks like an old rusty gate. I lubricated one area at a time and test drove. When I lubricated the swaybar end links along with the swaybar bushings mounted to the frame with a liberal dose of silicone lube the creaking went away. The temperature right now is around 45 degrees so it's not very cold but I'll give it a try on a cold morning and see if it's still gone.
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