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  1. I have a 17 ltz and the last week I have icons disappearing after a minute of being on a station. I went to the dealer and they told me that I'll have to pay a diagnostic fee b/c I installed a subwoofer so I left. I am going to try just resting it by removing the battery cable 1st. Anyone have this issue?
  2. I have a ltz and I'm try to figure out what is leather in the car so I know what products to use. Is only the front of the seats leather and the steering wheel. And the rest vinyl?
  3. I bet it's Mineral Caster just a different name for the chevys
  4. Does anyone know what this wood trim is called, on a ltz 2017, don't mind the picture being upside down
  5. Does anyone know the wires for the bose front door speakers without a console, I am guessing those are the best ones to tap into for adding a Sub.
  6. I bought a 17 LTZ 4x4 demo with 6k miles on it for $35k and the MSRP was a little over 51k
  7. I just bought a 2017 ltz and I want to do the swap but I can't find part numbers for 2017. Are they the same as 16 or was there a slight design change.
  8. Or it could be the All-Terrain wheels interfering with the Bluetooth
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