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  1. Off topic, but are you satisfied with the fit/finish of that brand?
  2. And this didn't trigger an airbag light or anything else?
  3. Awesome run! 2nd and 3rd gear look like a hoot! Have you ever tried launching in 2nd to get rid of that wheelspin and short gear?
  4. The time is now for a 2018, as 19 is a redesign and dealers will want to move the old ones. I'd evaluate your needs (cab config, bed size, gadgets and doodads) and start shopping around dealers in your area. Email is usually the easiest way to get total out-the-door pricing. Also check Laura GMC Buick, they list the out the door price right on the site and they are really hard to beat. I'd be shooting for 25% off MSRP regardless of trim since this is the outgoing model. Patience is the key, and don't let salesmen tell you what you need or don't need, only you can determine that. In my opinion, it isn't worth buying used right now since you can get so much cash off upfront and they hold their value really well on the used market. Good luck!
  5. That thing leaves so hard!! What's the plan for future mods?
  6. This gives me a nice tingly feeling inside. Enjoy it! What are you hoping for ET drop in the 1/4?
  7. The ride should not be rougher with a simple spacer lift. It does not change the spring rates or dampening properties of the struts. What it does do, however, is change the effective suspension geometry, therefore overextending travel in the fully extended direction. This taxes the range of motion of the ball joints, causing you to "top them out" more frequently. This is depending on how you drive. Heavy offroad and taking bumps at speed give the suspension a workout and will cause this condition more than just cruising down the highway. The "topping out" of the ball joint will eventually lead to their accelerated wear. Wear on other parts such as the C.V axles (if 4wd equipped), tie rod ends, and control arm bushings could also theoretically be hastened because they will be exposed to operating forces beyond what they were designed to take. As always, your mileage may vary. In my and my father's trucks, we added 1.5" spacers to the front to even out some of the rake and hopefully not add too much wear to front end components. I also didn't want to go higher because I didn't want to be front-high when towing or hauling heavy loads. If in the future I want more lift, I will look into a small body lift, or a full on lift with new knuckles/control arms/diff drop to ensure the geometry is correct. Sorry for the novel, there is a lot of misinformation floating around on how these modifications affect critical parts... and your/your families' safety.
  8. This is the truth right here. I came from diesel VW land, and we all know how they tried getting around that new emissions stuff At least they paid me a pretty penny to have the car back!
  9. Black leather Katzkin can be had on eBay for around $550. There are plenty of vids on You Tube if you are interested in DIY
  10. Go for it... should be easy as cake How do you like the Zone body lift? Did you install yourself?
  11. No help here, but I had the same experience. Cheaper LED bulbs off of Amazon seem to have this problem. Supposedly, a name brand bulb will fix it, but I'm apprehensive to spend the money without knowing for sure.
  12. Loading up pallets of pellets for the winter this year... 3 trips of 1 ton a piece. Note that I have 1.5" level in front. Plenty of power to move them but you could def tell they were back there when it came time to turn or stop lol
  13. Yes updates please!! Are you tuned to compensate for the change in speedo and possible trans learning?
  14. This should really be a sticky for the future. Thanks so much for the analysis!!!!
  15. Modding is a slippery slope lol Truck looks great keep it up!
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