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  1. Wrecked GMT900

    @5.7 I do have an estimate and it's way more than it would cost me to fix it. The quote was 11k to fix it but that's because they have to fix it to the condition it was in before the wreck and most of the cost is labor which I intend to do most of. The only thing I can't handle is the frame repair. I can could replace the frame but that's a lot of work that I'd rather not do if I don't have to.
  2. Wrecked GMT900

    $200 and two possible tow bills. all I asked the guys were if it was repairable and ball park on cost i.e. 4hrs 8hrs 12hrs more on a frame rack. I asked if a tech could drive two miles to my house to look at it and I was willing to pay the person. if it's not repairable I'll either part it out, buy another frame or swap the motor into something else or take a torch and air hammer to the frame until it's strait enough to run off road. But I'd rather fix it if the cost isn't $2000.
  3. Wrecked GMT900

    Here's the strait side.
  4. Wrecked GMT900

    Here's a picture
  5. Need advice. So my 2007 Silverado extended cab got side swiped by somebody going the opposite way. The truck is totaled but I bought it back because it has engine with only 34k miles in it. When the accident happened it basically knocked the rear out from under truck breaking the leaf spring on the drivers side and bending the passenger side. When the passenger side bent it pushed the front mount into the frame. So my frame is bent. The closest auto body shop is about 3 miles away and no tech si willing to come to my house to tell me if it's repairable not even offering the tech cash they want me to tow it there then charge me $200 to look at it. In not sure how to post a picture but I have one if I could get somebody's opinion.

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