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  1. I just bought air lift airbags with the compressor for my 2017 Silverado 1500. I am looking for a different place to mount the controller for the compressor rather than under the steering wheel. I want a clean, stock look. Anyone have suggestions on where to mount the controller so that it is hidden? I was thinking inside the center console or the top glove box but unsure of how to run wires to those areas. Thanks!
  2. For the price and labor you would be better off buying a different truck.
  3. For a long time it has been Ford vs Chevy/GMC in the HD truck game. In the past couple of years the top contenders are Ram and Ford, while GM trails behind. I understand that GM released a new Diesel engine for the 2017 model which competes in HP and Torque with Ford, but it comes no where close to the towing capacity of the other 2. Almost 7,000lbs less. When will GM learn and top these two companies in towing capacity? All that HP and Torque is great, but if you cant pull anything with it, whats the point?
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