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  1. Hey All, Looking at purchasing a set of beadlocks for the truck come black Friday and hope to clear up my options early. Can anyone confirm if these fitments will clear a 2016 silverado 1500 on a 2.5 level. I know tire options will be limited but I'm trying to understand how Method's sizes compare? - The Method Size is a 17x9 with a -44mm offset and a 3.5" backspacing - (hard to find anyone running this setup) - The Dirtylife Wheels are also 17x9 but a -14mm offset and a 4.45 backspacing which seems more common and doable with my leveling kit. (I've seen some running these dimensions) Are the Methods even a possibility to run? Im also not hacking up my truck for these to fit. Just seeing whats more practical. Thanks
  2. I haven't been on here in a while but i was considering this mod for the last few years and recently found this thread. I saved this product in my favorites a while ago with intentions to install it down the road. You guys think it would work for the blinkers? https://www.customled.com/products/blinker-genie-2
  3. any update on picking a skid plate rastasquid? Hoosierz's one he made was sick **EDIT UPDATE: I sent an email to Mazzulla since their skidplate is being redesigned. I asked if they had intentions to add tow hooks or light mounts and their response was... "Yes that will be an option as well" So whatever that means we'll have to see
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