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  1. This is not my truck in the photo. Someone hit me while backing up into my front bumper. It bent the bumper bracket up as I have have shown in the photo. Is it ok to bed this part back down or do I need to remove the bracket and weld on a new bracket? Also do I need to heat this part before bending it?
  2. So I also went to the autoparts store to compare the Dorman bolt to the OEM GM bolt. It seams like the Dorman bolt has a softer hex head.
  3. Also is there a seal on the back of the wheel hub assembly? The oem looks to have some type of seal but the replacement Timiken does not.
  4. I just got back from the GM dealer. For a 2001 Silverado 1500 the 3 hub to knuckle bolts are part number 15719028 costing $32 for three bolts. I went ahead and got three bolts. The parts guy only had five bolts in stock and says that the just reuse the old bolts. It doesn't hurt to replace them... maybe just wasting some cash.
  5. Why should the hub bolts be replaced? I was planning on reusing the old bolts. I have new spindle nuts for the axle.
  6. I pulled of the front wheel bearing assembly. The socket were the front wheel bearning assembly sits on is rusted. I'm going to clean it up and place some bearing grease per the shop factory manual in the socket. Should I also put some grease on the axle where it goes into the front wheel bearing hub assembly threads?
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