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  1. Thanks for the insight, I did try and hunt down some post for this, but the answer is usually embedded in 100 reply thread, I figured someone like you would.come along and help out. Thanks
  2. Hello, I just want to give everyone an update to this topic. I was battling with my deal for a couple years to get this issue resolved. It was the same answer over and over, "we are waiting for GM to come out this a solve for the issue, yadda yadda." Well about a month ago, I received a call stating there was a bulletin out for the issue and to bring my truck in. They told me there is a new transmission fluid out to make the torque converter run smoother and they were going to have to flush the tranny and reflash the computer with an update. I'm happy to say that for over two or three months and a couple oil changes, I have not experienced any shutter what do ever.
  3. Why is because I got a guy who will do it for 60 bucks. I don't wanna dump $600 on the Borla exhaust I really want
  4. Hello this is my first post in this forum, and if this topic was already addressed please redirect me. I'm trying to figure out if a muffler delete is a good idea. I have the 6.2L 8 speed. What would be a better idea, just deleting the muffler or the muffler and the resonator. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the help. I'm going to take the truck in on Monday, I'll let you all know how it goes.
  6. To those who whent in for the service, was it a warenty fix? I have a 2015 Chevy 1500 8 speed with all the symptoms named? Also when you mentioned the tcm number did they understand or did it take some explaining?
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