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  1. At first I thought the chart was RWHP, but I looked again and you are right, it is showing flywheel. I wonder what they used for a trans to stand behind the power and weight of the truck..
  2. GM is heading in the right direction with the refresh, I just wish they would put a v8 in it..
  3. Gm needs to do something. Dodge has the Durango SRT, Ford is coming out with the Explorer ST, GM has the ... Oh wait. In my family we have always had GM vehicles with performance engines over the years, Impala SS (95-96), Silverado SS, Trailblazer SS, GTO's and Corvettes. Now we have a Ram, Challenger Hellcat, Charger SRT 392, and a 16 Sierra All Terrain X. Gm has been really slacking with their performance options unless you want a Corvette or Camaro.
  4. I have to say that the 5.3 in my dads Sierra is a dog compared to the 5.7 in my ram. It looks like a procharger is the way to go for his truck once the warranty expires.
  5. They pop and lock into the wheel
  6. I have a set of new 20" chrome center caps that are for the RCZ option chrome wheels. These are brand new never used that I bought as a back up incase mine ever went missing. This caps fit 2011-2014 tahoe and Suburban 2011-2013 Silverado and Avalanche. $120 shipped located in Ny on Long Island. Each one lists for close to $50 from the dealer.
  7. Thanks! My dad has been bugging me to research this out so I can put it on his X. Where on the Island are you? Ive slowly been seeing more and more X's running around and Silverados with the sports bar.

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