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  1. Driving in 4 high

    Just seen this thread and I have kind of a funny story about driving in 4H on dry roads. I have a 2005 Chevy 2500hd 4x4 crew cab with the 6.0 and 4l80e trans. I have owned this truck since 2006 when it only had about 10,000 on the odometer. I have used the truck primarily for pulling the family travel trailer and have done so since 2006. We like to get out and go when we camp and typically do cross country runs. Yellow Stone, Florida, South Carolina just to name a few. Anyway we were getting ready to leave for one of our big trips in June of 15 and I had washed the camper and truck and was hooking the truck up to the camper the night before we left. I finished hooking it up in a grassy area that I had the camper parked in and was trying to pull it onto the driveway when the back tires started to spin. To keep from throwing mud on the truck or camper I put the truck into 4 wheel high and pulled it up no problem. Not thinking I turned the truck off and went in the house and to bed for the night. The next morning we got up and left for vacation. I drove from Southern Illinois all the way to Destin Florida not thinking much about anything. The truck ran Great as it always has and all seemed well. Anyhow I get to the RV resort and was backing into our camping spot when I cut the wheel hard to back in and the truck kind of galloped on me. I immediately looked down at the indicator light for the 4x4 and much to my surprise it was still in 4H. I about shit my pants. I immediately put it back into 2H and finished backing in and unhooking the camper. The next morning I got up and took the truck to a local shop and had the transmission and transfer case serviced. The mechanics said all looked well with both and neither had any metal shavings or anything unusual in the fluids. We had a great vacation and pulled the camper home without further incident. Its been 2 years and I have had both serviced again since and all is fine. I would have thought that I would have noticed the truck pulling funny or worse than usual gas mileage when driving some six hundred miles in 4 wheel high but I didnt. The only thing I can figure is that typically when pulling a camper you dont cut the wheel hard very often and with a lot of weight on the back of the truck the typical characteristics of driving in 4 wheel drive wasnt as noticeable. Anyway I wouldnt recommend anyone else try this...lol

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