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  1. The answer to this problem is putting a trifecta tuner or program on this truck. I have a 2016 crew cab Colorado (3.6 L) with the same issue. Put the Trifecta tuner on it and problem is not completely gone but greatly reduced. Also got an approximate 10% boost in HP and torque along with better gas mileage and I'm not affiliated with Trifecta, just a customer. I was just frustrated with the shift pattern and low end responsiveness, these trucks aren't cheap. I got 29 mpg highway on a 400 mile road trip in the downhill direction with the wind and 25.6 uphill against the wind. I read these accounts from other trifecta users myself and didn't believe them until I experienced the performance boost first hand. The tuner reprograms the engine and transmission so you get better shift points and I assume better fuel mixture and so on. The only problem I've experienced was 4 months after the tune my BCM failed but most everyone I tell about this seems to be sure the BCM failure is unrelated to the tune. If you are dissatisfied with your 2015-2016 Canyon/Colorado I would definitely look into the Trifecta tune, you will be pleasantly surprised. In sport mode there is no more problem merging on the highway, truck takes off like a beast. Chevy could very obviously fix this problem with properly programmed engine and transmission but they won't bother because they don't need to.
  2. I have a 2016 Colorado 3.6l Crew Cab bought new in December 2016. Had the typical bad shift characteristics and underwhelming low end performance so I put a Trifecta program on the truck and it ran beautiful for 4 months. Even got a verified 29mpg on a 400 mile trip. Outstanding performance. Then after 4 months the BCM completely failed. I had to have the truck dragged onto a flatbed because we couldn’t even get it into neutral. The dealer replaced the BCM under warranty with no issue. I had reflashed the truck back to stock before the warranty work and have now reprogrammed it back with the Trifecta tune. It’s running fine. My questions are, is it possible that programming the vehicle originally using my laptop on battery power could have damaged the BCM even though it ran for 4 months ok afterwards? If that’s not an issue then what’s the likelihood that the BCM will fail again? Lastly, would it be possible to have a spare BCM programmed and kept as a spare so I don’t get stranded like that again? It really chaps my A5%$#%^SS that I now have to worry that this $38,000 truck can leave me stranded at any moment. Anyone got any suggestions or comments?
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