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  1. Lost communication to the transfer case control module in my 14 Silverado 6.2. Previous module failed, so I went out and bought another one for my dealership to program. They are telling me the wire harness must be bad because the cannot get it to talk. The harness is on indefinite back order from GM so u decided to look into the harness myself and I cannot find anything wrong with it what do ever. (I'm an electrician) Any one have any ideas or a wire diagram I could have some hope to try and figure this gremlin out?
  2. It's a 14 Silverado 6.2l
  3. Hey guys, my speedometer is starting to act funny. It acts normal until I reach my speed then one I let off the gas it goes from 17-23 mph. It's annoying and doesn't let the cruise work. Any ideas appreciated!
  4. Finally got the truck up and running problem was I had a code for the fuel pressure sensor(low). After much researching and talking to the dealer and gm. The problem was found out that the junk yard sold me a engine out of a 17 and not a 15 like they said. So that being said...14-16 use a 3 wire pressure sensor. And 17+ use a 4 wire sensor. Changed out the push and added a wire to the computer. And magic finally happened. All this struggling for a month and it all came down to one stupid wire! Crazy
  5. Got it programmed. Ended up with water being in the fuse box causing a short with no power going to the module (truck had a hard life as I bought it as a repo) got it to fire and now saying I have no communication from throttle body to gas pedal sensor so it's in reduced power mode. Back to the drawing board!
  6. No I did not. Does that need to be done? Can i just take the module and vin to dealer and the can do it? Or do they need the truck towed in with it installed?
  7. Hi guys New to the forum and looking for some help. I bought a 2014 Silverado with the 6.2l that had a 4 inch hole on the passenger side of the block n went on to replace the engine only to have it crank over and not start. Plugged I'm my scan tool and it says I've lost communion with my fpcm. So I replaced that and still not hearing the fuel pump run our getting pressure. Just wondering what steps I have to take to test the fuel pump? I've checked every fuse and double checked that I've hooked up every sensor and still nothing.

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