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  1. I don't think it has anything to do with intelligence but more trying to make a known problem seem like less of a big deal. My trucks under a $0 deductible warranty until 2023, they'll keep fixing it until it's right, but I do feel for those who are paying for this repair when their truck's out of warranty. My 03 Acura TL's trans is going to need rebuilt. I did a search and most of this model that's still on the road is having the same torque converter problem... I'll come off the hip for that fix to the tune of $4k. Acura says there's no history of this problem, google says different. Consumers need more protection on issues like these.
  2. My guess is that was a way to soften the issue but yah they said there's a small bold that's used to bleed air out of the steering box and they find a way of working loose. I got the truck back Tuesday and it's fine so far. I see no difference.
  3. Well, look what I found! I found a small amount of power steering fluid under the front of my 2016 GMC 2500 Duramax about 6 weeks ago. I called my dealer and they said to bring it in. I did thinking they'd be ordering a new steering box but they called and said they got it all fixed. They said the bulletin called for them to locktite a "bleeder" bolt and it should be fine... "If it leaks again we'll order a new steering box". As I was running the block heater cord that was still in it's factory location I noticed power steering fluid again. I took it in and they put me in a loaner Malibu and said the new steering box will be in tomorrow and they'll have the truck done later in the afternoon. I bought the truck used this April with 9k miles and it's been an amazing machine. I traded my 2000 Silvy 1500 so it was a major upgrade. We camp every weekend in the summer, towing the mountains of Pennsylvania, it's a pleasure having this truck and it's capabilities, I really don't have anything bad to say about it other than this leak. The dealer's been great although they got me thinking when the writer apologized today saying "we had to try the locktite first" so I had a feeling he knew that wouldn't work. I didn't have any play though as some have described, just a small leak. I did talk to the mechanic and he said that it only happened in 2016 models and the new box fixes the problem. Hopefully this will fix the problem!
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