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  1. It already has a relay and fuse in line for the led bar. The switch has it's own separate backlight power thus I need to run power to the backlight and a separate power via the switch to the led bar.
  2. Thank you so much! Hopefully I can get this switch in there without too much problems.
  3. Does anyone have a pin out or wire diagram of the overhead console of a 2016 Silverado? I have searched everywhere for days and cant find one. Here is what I'm trying to do. I put in the home link system in my truck but the only cover I could find was one with the opening back window. My truck doesn't have one. I installed a bull bar that has an led light bar and want to replace the window switch with a switch for the light bar. The wire I am looking for is the one that turns on the backlight when the headlights are on, and if separate dims the light. Thank you in advance, Rick
  4. shifting issues

    Chris, They ended up having to replace my ECU after the 5th time taking it to the dealership and contacting GM. Has been fine since then, knock on wood. Have them check the brake sensor and all the connections. One of the issues was my brake pedal was showing as depressed in the ECU when I was not pressing it. The voltage was off and anytime they moved the harness it would send a brake signal. I hope this helps. Sorry I haven't updated this post but it took over a month to finally get it fixed.
  5. shifting issues

    Update... took the truck in Wednesday and they replaced the MAF sensors. Drove it around for a bit and work like I just drove it off the lot. Today it started grade braking again... back to the shop I go...
  6. shifting issues

    Update for anyone with similar issues. We made it home safely but had a few more issues. I have resorted to turning off the grade braking manually by holding down the trailer button for a few seconds. I took it out of auto and stayed in 2wd mode, still turning like 4wd is engaged. Cruse control decided to automatically turn off on me randomly and also didn't work for 1/2 the trip. Thanks everybody for the replys. I did not reset the computer as I want all the info there when the dealer looks at it, i dont think they will see anything though as I'm not putting out a CEL. I will be calling my dealership tomorrow. I just cant believe at 30000 miles this truck that i baby is going to crap...
  7. shifting issues

    Thanks for the reply. I do notice that the truck drives better when I drive it mad. I'm going to take it to the shop when I get back home. Yesterday it acted just fine... it's really weird. How did you manage 27mpg?! At best I get 19 on our 5 hour trip each year.
  8. So I am currently on vacation 300 miles from home. My truck is a 16 1500 Z71 and has about 33000 miles on it and all of the sudden driving on a flat surface grade braking will enable. The truck is also shifting randomly and violently. Sometimes when making turns in auto mode it will feel as though the 4wd system is engaged. Anyone else encounter these issues? Anyone might know what could wrong that I can fix real quick while I'm away?

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