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  1. I just deleted the muffler / flapper valve and left the resonator. I love the sound, good rumble and no drone while driving, very quiet at highway speed. I have DOD disabled and also run a single turbo with no cats, so that will modify the sound a bit. Just a straight pipe is a super cheap option and I think it sounds great, worth a try I think. You could possibly even delete the muffler and leave the flapper valve to help v4 drone. The muffler is also the major restriction for flow, the resonator is straight through. I welded it myself using $20 worth of 3" steel pipe. If you have a buddy with a welder it is an easy evening project.
  2. Has anyone ever sanded their clear coated wheels (800 grit or so) and then spray on a fresh coat of clear? Seems like this would be more effective than polishing and take less work. I repaired some curb rash by sanding it out and spraying on new clear and the area looks really good, even just using rattle can clear. I was thinking to wet sand with 800 to get out the tougher scratches and rock chips, then clean with alcohol, and spray on fresh (rattle can) clear. Thoughts?

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