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  1. I have not read any other replies or posts In this thread but I have read on GMs site a warning that said to not do this unless slick conditions are expected. The reasoning was that when left in 4x4 auto it left certain parts engaged that while might not be actually working at the time. The fact that they are engaged sets them up for unnecessary wear and tear.. I can't really explain it any more technical than that. But like I said it was directly off the GM website.
  2. Because I’ve seen it! I don’t understand why. I just haven’t had the opportunity to ask someone why they would do it. But I also didn’t see a Z71 or 4x4 badge. But I love they look of that pickup.. love the blue!
  3. Is that a 2wd!?? Don’t take this the wrong way if it is... I’m an genuinely curious... if it is a 2wd, why would you lift it and put it on muds?
  4. Apologies.. i didn’t realize it was about a HD
  5. I have 35”x12.5 muds with 4” lift by fab tech plus 1.25” body lift only slight rubbing after cutting off some of inner wheel liner
  6. About 8 months ago I bought a 2014 silverado used from a local dealer. Truck already had a 4” lift with 35” tires. Shortly after buying I took the truck to the Chevy dealer because I was made aware of an open recall about the electric power steering going out at slow speeds for some owners. The dealer “reprogrammed” the electric power steering and a couple weeks later I started hearing a clicking in the steering column while turning the wheel at extremely slow speeds or while stationary. No steering issues while driving. Last week i go down some wet/muddy county roads and my truck gets covered in mud. About 10 hours later I drive to a rodeo and after I come back to my truck. I start my pickup and suddenly it says.. service power steering drive safe... i wrestle it home without power steering and park it. The next morning I call for a tow truck. Right before the tow truck arrives I go to move my truck to make it easier for the tow truck driver to hook up and my truck starts right up and everything is working fine. I cancel the tow truck and drive my truck down the road to the coffee shop. As I’m pulling back into my apt complex my power steering goes out while I’m driving and turning at slow speed. I park it and call another tow truck. Same thing happened again an hour later. I go and start it to move it for the tow truck and it is working fine.... clearly and electrical issue... I get it to the dealer and they say they cannot connect to electric power steering module and says the rack/pinion needs to be replaced because it’s all the same part. Dealer (Gene Messer Chevy in Lubbock TX) quotes me $2900 for the work (saying the part alone is 2200). I get it towed to my local trusted mechanic and they get the part from the Scoggin Dickey Chevy in Lubbock for $1859 and charges me $2500 for the install, reprogram and alignment. I will be reporting the issue to NHTSA. My mechanic said the new rack and pinion was labeled as “remanufactured” by GM which indicates to me that they have realized there is a problem and quietly fixed it. Ive heard two trains of thought on the issue... 1- the connectors for the electric power steering control module were not initially made water tight causing moisture to enter the module and fry it. 2- the electric power steering control modules themselves were faulty to begin with and to cover it up GM said it was a software issue and issued a “recalll” to “reprogram” them so they could cover their butts when they did eventually fail. Let me know what you think by the way my vin series is 5xxxxx my truck also only has 29000 miles... was bought with 22000

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