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  1. Love these trucks!

    As resourceful as they are, one thing to keep in mind about these forum groups is this; Out of every 100 owners of a certain year/ make/ model of truck, you might see approx 5-10 people have a moderate to severe issue with their truck, and have had issue confirmed by the other 4-9, if that makes sense. The other 90-95% usually range from saying no issues at all, to maybe a couple of minor things. There are exceptions of course, but for every complaint I see about AFM, for example, there are 8-10 owners saying they’ve never had an issue. I’ve heard about this huge vibration issue, or ‘Chevy shake’ as it were, and have yet to run across anybody that drives these style trucks that has the issue. And I did a ton of research before we purchased our 17 Sierra Elevation Crew. It’s just nice to know that when you do run into an issue, there are others out there that more than likely have the same problem, and possibly know of a fix or more pertinent info on said subject. Glad you like the truck!
  2. Cold air intake

    AFE has always been a favourite of mine. Especially having installed numerous brands as an aftermarket specialist, you tend to notice good quality product. K&N is also good, but I like to go with something that not every other person has.
  3. Keys and noise

    They should bring this back. Worked awesome in my Dad’s 95.
  4. My Mexican built ‘17 Sierra Elevation has no issues whatsoever. I have worked at many dealerships, and was always performing PDI’s (pre delivery inspections) for new vehicles, and know what to look for in terms of things missed on the assembly line. I am quite impressed with the quality of the build.
  5. We sell these magnetic cell phone mounts at our car audio shop, and they are the best. I have them in 3 of my vehicles, and are fairly inexpensive! I can’t upload more pics, but it comes with a couple different sizes of magnetic ‘stickers’ that you can attach to your phone or case, or even sandwich it in between the phone and case like I do, and it will still stick to the mount. I always use adhesive promoter from 3M or an equivalent product (like you should ALWAYS do when applying 2 sided tape to any install), and it provides a super strong hold, even at -30- plus 40 Celsius. Just wanted to share a great product that a lot of people don’t know about. I hated having to operate CarPlay and having nowhere to keep my phone. They also make vent clip styles, and mounts for portable GPS devices as well.
  6. I would definitely go with a later production in a generation, rather than a newer production. You don’t know the common problems or quirks associated with the new trucks, and neither does anybody who works on them, until at least a year or 2 into production. We just purchased a 17 Sierra Elevation a while back, and I did some heavy research on the truck before buying it. After you hear some of the more common issues (and the best part about a truck that’s been out for a while, is there are usually confirmed fixes or repair info related to said subject), then there are little to no surprises. I read up on what to look out for, test drove the truck, didn’t notice any red flags, and went through with the purchase. And we’ve been more than happy with the end result. So I would definitely go with the 18. Everything you literally need to know about the truck is in this forum.
  7. DISCLAIMER: this method has not been tested, I’m just giving you info that you should use test cautiously and at your own risk!! Try grounding this wire, second pic, Blue wire with brown stripe, labeled backup lamp relay control at the BCM, (negative trigger only, DO NOT supply 12v power to this wire), while vehicle has ignition on. This should imitate the vehicle being put into reverse for the activation lighting, and reverse cam functions. The vehicle might not allow the screen to show video image if the vehicle starts to move as the computer data lines will show VSS signals. If this does work, the reverse lights will also come on while driving. There would have to be extra wiring involved to interrupt the reverse lights while switch is on and driving forward, if everything does work. Having said that, there are probably a few modules out there from companies like Nav-tv or AIS that would provide a solution, but they would be expensive. Use this info as a starting point
  8. Just the spot with the scratch for now. And yes, it’s the stuff you work into the paint, then let dry for a couple minutes and wipe off. I didn’t want to use the scratchx 2.0 as it’s more abrasive, and I wanted to be a little on the safer side. Also, the scratch looked fairly white, but it didn’t catch my nail too bad, so I tried this stuff knowing I could use it on the whole vehicle later on anyways.
  9. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my experience using Meguiar’s ultimate compound on a mild scratch I had on the truck when purchased. It was really hard to get good pictures with the iPhone, but I think it shows a pretty good before and after. And yes, in case you’re wondering, the scratch is in the exact same spot in both pictures. It made a huge difference. And with no micro scratches left on the clear coat around the scratch either. There is a residual ‘shadow’ of the scratch still in the clear coat, but it is in no way visible unless pointed out to you. It drove me crazy, as every time I would walk up to the truck it would catch my eye. This only took four minutes to do with an applicator sponge, and a light wipe down after with a microfibre towel. And I have a ton of the product left to use for probably the lifetime of the vehicle. I sold Meguiar’s years ago at a shop I worked at, and the stuff has never let me down. Cheers all!
  10. Picked up a used 17 Sierra, and found out it used to have a lowering kit installed, and then put back to stock height. Alright, no problem. However, upon further inspection, they had removed the bump stops by cutting off the entire drop down bracket that was welded to the frame. One of my questions is with that bracket now gone, I am unable to install the Firestone 2430 load helper air bag kit as it mounts to the part where the rubber bumpstop would normally sit. What are my other options. Truck will remain at the factory ride height for now. I know you can get air helper bags for lowered vehicles, but they might not work on this truck as they would be running close to max operating extension length sometimes. Ideas anyone?
  11. Remote Start on '07 z71

    99% of the time, if the truck responds in any way to the key fob, whether it be flashings lights on the vehicle, crank attempts, etc, then the key fob is most likely not part of the problem, and you should start looking at the truck itself. Once the truck responds, the key fob has done its job. However, having said that, there was only one time I can remember a customer of ours had a beat up fob for a OEM starter, and it was so worn out that when he pressed the buttons on the fob and remote start activated, the button wouldn’t release properly and would act as if the button was still being held down and remote starter would think customer wanted to quickly shut the starter down. Chances are you are looking at more of a vehicle issue, where the following conditions would cause a remote start malfunction: -low battery voltage -hood latch open (grime/ dust/ dirt/ rust/ out of adjustment hood latch could cause a false reading) -Low oil pressure -coolant temp too high -key in ignition barrel -Check engine light on -remote start has already been utilized 2 times before another ignition cycle
  12. 03 Quadrasteer

    It’s great! I wish it was on every new truck! Never had a problem with it.
  13. 03 Quadrasteer

    Hey guys/ gals! Just joined GM-trucks, but have been a Chev/GM guy all my life. My 03 Silverado Quadrasteer has 345,000 kms, and still going strong. Tows a boat and holiday trailer occasionally, and has paid for itself ages ago! Best purchase I ever made!

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