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  1. AppleTree, I pieced together a setup similar to what you are looking for. So far I like it for what it is. I went with the Truxedo Sentry CT for the bed cover. It is a roll up aluminum bed cover finished in matte black. I believe they have the same cover for a little bit cheaper in gloss black. They have other options that are soft rollup as well. Since you mentioned that you will be lugging tools around I am sure you want at least some protection versus just covering them up. I also purchased a rack system from adarac. It is all aluminum and it can support up to 500 pounds. There are a few different models. I went with the ADARAC Aluminum series. You CANNOT use a hard folding cover with this one because the uprights are angled in abut halfway up. If you want a folding cover you have to use the PRO series. The only difference is that one is upright and one is bent in. So far it is great. Fairly easy to install and seems pretty solid. I like that you can add different tie down points and cleats for different ti down points. It is all on a "T-Track" system, so you can move the parts around easily. I keep the uprights off most of the time and just reinstall them if I need to pick up some lumber, go kayaking, etc. Check them out! https://truxedo.com/sentry-ct https://www.agricover.com/truck-bed-racks/
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