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  1. Trans and oil cooler protective screen got finished. Came out clean. Got the 2 quick release fire extinguisher mounts welded to the tubing also.
  2. Truck is powered and running. Did the shake down drive a week ago and now we're rebuilding the rear shocks and replacing the busted sway away bump stops with some King bump stops with 4 inches of play. Front and back shocks needed to be valved and rebuilt.
  3. BTW... Have to give props to Rigid Industries. The 50" LED light bar on my truck had been on for years and all of a sudden it started having a strobing issue. Ran through all of the troubleshooting we could on our side and no luck resolving the issue. Called Rigid and they have a lifetime warranty on the internals. I sent it in and they had it back to me within 10 days. I covered shipping there and they covered back to me.Can't say enough about how awesome that is. Great customer service and a great quality product.
  4. The buggy whips got installed. 2 of them and they are BRIGHT to say the least.
  5. Rear safety light bar got wired. Kurt had to tear apart the entire wire harness and rewire it to get it to function the way I want it. Now when the rear light switch is thrown the 2 x red and 2 x amber run through 3 different flashing patterns and the white lights are linked to the brakes. Super stoked they figured that out. Not going to get nerfed now when I'm blazing through the silt/dust/fog/low viz sections.
  6. Put in a couple interior lights. The bar pads will contour right around these so they'll be tucked away.It's starting to look sexy in here. The blue light district
  7. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.Center console is 99% complete and the wiring is done. Just waiting on the custom etched rocker switch toggles and that will be done. Then the console needs to be upholstered and she's donezo.
  8. Anodized center console is back in the shop. Came out pretty slick. Could have gone red, green, blue, gold, black, grey or clear. I have blue lighting on the gauges, switches and cup holders so I didn't figure that would go well with Red, Green or Gold. Too gaudy. Already have enough blue and the inside of the truck is already grey so black it is! Now everything starts getting buttoned up. Hoping to be down there next week to go take it on a trial run to make sure everything is working decent before we start putting all the carpeting and upholstery in. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Soooon....
  9. Well..... it has to be done. It's time to kick this bitch up to about 9-10 psi on the radix magnacharger. Dropping from a 3.4 to a 3.0.
  10. Figured out the jack handle placement. Right behind the coolers with a spring in the end of one cap and a split/hinged cap on the other that has a locking clasp. Unlock that and the jack handle springs out. Less rattling if it's spring loaded into the butt of another cap.
  11. Sun Visors for those loooong stretches of Baja when you're racing right into the sun for 5+ hours.
  12. Couple small updates...Custom Drive Shaft is in. Just waiting on the back half of the bolt in flange. Once that is done this thing can actual propel itself again!
  13. So I had to buy a gift for the Mrs. I figured she wouldn't be too happy sitting in the back all the time, even with the stadium seating, nor would she be happy about staring at the glove box either if she is up front. Marriage is all about compromise!
  14. Small family owned shop so nothing moves fast. Knew that going in so I'm just going with the flow as best as possible. Lower overall cost this way for the quality work I'm getting so I'm ok with that.
  15. You are correct sir. PTFE lines. We should be on the final count down here. All of the fabbing is done, minus the custom exhaust, and the wiring is close to being finished. Just need the drive shaft and spline finished and bolted in, the shifter connected, new power steering rack installed to remove console shifter, anodize the aluminum center console piece and then upholstering the carpet, center console and the rear seats. Put the windshield and rear window back in, run interior lighting and then bolt in the chairs/belts, center console, fridge etc... and we should be good to go.PRAYING for an Oct 30th finish so we can make a big desert meet up. We'll see..... It's going to be a long shot... Who am I kidding? This is going to end up being a Christmas gift to myself.

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