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  1. New crossmember for the 4L80E is in. Might put in a skid plate to protect it.Waiting on the custom length drive shaft to wrap up the under carriage work.
  2. Changing this up. After doing more math, and comments from other forums, we figured 185 wouldn't be enough. The 3 coolers will draw 90 Amps alone. We thought about keeping the DR44G (145 Amp) and attaching it to the tranny to power the coolers and a few lights but then you deal with twice the equipment and that equals twice the problems/breakdowns. So we opted to go with the 250 Amp instead. That should be enough to power everything and charge all 3 batteries sufficiently without letting the deep cycle batteries draw down to zero. Figuring we'll have to upgrade the gauge on a bunch of the wiring now. Heading back down to the shop in a couple hours to finish up the layout of the custom center console and to layout antennae wiring, led bars, etc... Hopefully this should be my last trip there before I finally pick this thing up in another 3 weeks.
  3. Had a last second brainwave and I remembered that all the upper AC vents have been blocked off since I put the dash and Vbar in. They literally plated over the vents and because of this there should be more air pressure pushed to the lower air vents. There are 2 by the feet and 1 main one vent in the middle on the floor. Going to split that vent into 4 smaller tubes to put 4 double vent louver vents in. Two high up on the side of the custom center console so I can point them at the driver and passengers faces/upper bodies and then 2 in the back of the console to vent towards the passengers.Hopefully he is going to be able to fit all of this in there.... We'll see. Trying my best to keep it cool inside as this is "kind of" a luxury prerunner. Has AC, power windows and fridge so that kinda makes it luxury right?
  4. Looks like were going to be short on juice with 3 coolers, 4 light bars and all the gauges, coms etc....Dropping in a 185 Amp High Output DC Power Alt and then moving my DR44G 145 Amp Alt onto the transmission to make sure I have enough juice for everything.
  5. And...... It's almost in! It looks so nice with the TCS torque converter and ATI flex plate
  6. My Culhane dez prepped 4L80E transmisson with billet extension housing and bolt on yoke.It's so pretty.... I can't wait put this to the test.
  7. And now for the good stuff.... Insert drumroll....
  8. Got the rear tubing reinforced several ways so I feel confident hauling a trailer or for putting my motorcycle rack on there to haul my XR650R.
  9. Dual battery rack got mounted
  10. Got down to the shop to see how things are going and to drop off the last few things.They got the fridge rack in. Very important!
  11. The old flex plate was cracked and had other damage too. Blurry pic but you can kinda see it.
  12. Well I might as well upgrade the flex plate since I am beefing up everything else underneath this beast. Picked up an ATI SFI Flex plate. Shouldn't have any issues with this bad boy on there.
  13. The TCS Billet 2,400-2,600 Torque Converter arrived. We downsized to 9" since we put the dual trans coolers on there. The 9" will generate a bit more heat but going down an inch will give me a bit more pop.Damn it's pretty... Almost feel bad beating this thing up. Sort of. Maybe not...
  14. Shot down to the shop to drop off the fridge, CB and some switches. Some progress had been made. Still held up waiting on the Culhane tranny. Really hoping we get it this week.The oil cooler got mounted next to the dual trans coolers. The lettering is backwards because the only way the third would fit was to remove the hose attachment for both the dual trans cooler and single trans cooler and weld it shut. Cut a new hose attachment hole and then welded the fitting back on facing downwards. There is going to be a black metal mesh screen put over the coolers to prevent any damage from rocks or debris so the lettering wont matter since it wont be visible. These are pulling fans so they sucks the clean air from above the coolers and pull the air downward under the truck through the fins. The best place to get clean air.
  15. Finally got this in the mail. My old Icom won't transmit anymore so I snagged this brand new off ebay for $92. Yaseu FT2900R. Super friggen stoked as this is 75W and it's super reliable. No fan etc... Chase coms and race communication should be good. Have the PCI antennae and coax at the shop already cut to the right length.

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