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  1. Figured out the jack handle placement. Right behind the coolers with a spring in the end of one cap and a split/hinged cap on the other that has a locking clasp. Unlock that and the jack handle springs out. Less rattling if it's spring loaded into the butt of another cap.
  2. Sun Visors for those loooong stretches of Baja when you're racing right into the sun for 5+ hours.
  3. Couple small updates...Custom Drive Shaft is in. Just waiting on the back half of the bolt in flange. Once that is done this thing can actual propel itself again!
  4. So I had to buy a gift for the Mrs. I figured she wouldn't be too happy sitting in the back all the time, even with the stadium seating, nor would she be happy about staring at the glove box either if she is up front. Marriage is all about compromise!
  5. Small family owned shop so nothing moves fast. Knew that going in so I'm just going with the flow as best as possible. Lower overall cost this way for the quality work I'm getting so I'm ok with that.
  6. You are correct sir. PTFE lines. We should be on the final count down here. All of the fabbing is done, minus the custom exhaust, and the wiring is close to being finished. Just need the drive shaft and spline finished and bolted in, the shifter connected, new power steering rack installed to remove console shifter, anodize the aluminum center console piece and then upholstering the carpet, center console and the rear seats. Put the windshield and rear window back in, run interior lighting and then bolt in the chairs/belts, center console, fridge etc... and we should be good to go.PRAYING for an Oct 30th finish so we can make a big desert meet up. We'll see..... It's going to be a long shot... Who am I kidding? This is going to end up being a Christmas gift to myself.
  7. Misc custom wire harnesses to center console switches and power.
  8. All of the dynamat has been laid and there was enough to do the roof also
  9. Dual batts are mounted and ready to be wired
  10. Protective mesh screen for the trans and oil coolersis done and will be powder coated black. Kurt went with this size mesh because anything smaller could clog with silt landing on a wet screen.
  11. DC Power Alt and K&N filter for the CBR oil cooler installed.
  12. Got back down to the shop to drop off some more stuff and see how things are going.Center console wiring is 98% done. Came out clean. I'm stoked.
  13. Kurt put in some OT Sat and got the panel 90% wired. Just waiting on a couple more switches to slap in but we should be GTG. I can't wait to see the carpet go in, the console to be upholstered and the new seat covers put on the 2 rear seats I got used for free from the previous owner. He had a couple in his warehouse that were pulled from an race car that got wrecked. There was some rips on the fabric, the fabric was super dirty and the foam was worn out. Kurts upholstery guy is putting in new foam and new covers and viola! $200 for 2 brand new Mastercraft 3G seats.
  14. Appreciate it. Been involved with the Baja Score races for 20 years and I've been dying to build my own pre-runner forever. 1st the pre-runner then the race car

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