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  1. Buuuuut with shakedowns come realizations... And I realized I might be moving forward with other plans sooner than expected. Found a good deal on some used 60" DirtTech trailing arms and had to jump on them. Won't get installed now but I'm piecing together what I need to take this back suspension from 16-18" to 34-36"
  2. Been shaking this bastard down on a couple trips recently. Went to the King of the Hammers event last week. Been losing bolts and losing PS fluid. Some other electrical weird gremlins going on but slowly but surely getting her battened down. Going to be out in Ocotillo again this weekend smashing around if anyone is out there. Turns out "Jezebel" can pull my tiny little trailer. It's only 1,800 lbs and an 11 ft box (14 ft total with trailer) so it's light and easy. Just have to make sure not to break down out there or its going to be one hell of an expensive tow.
  3. Ahhh the joys of shaking down a new truck. Drove it 90 miles to the dezert and after setting up we went out for shakedown #2.Made it 2.8 miles before the oil pumped failed. Overheated the engine and blew the radiator cap. 90% of coolant was gone before it shut off. **** me! Luckily I had a friend with us with a 4x4 4runner. I had to hike 3 miles across the pitch black dez (new moon) to get back to camp to get my buddy and his 4 runner who dragged me back to the 78 freeway. $645.00 tow later its back in the shop.Starting to not like "Jezebel". She is one expensive whore! GM specialist is trying to figure out the issue today. Lost all oil pressure instantly even though the oil is full. Thinking the valve in the oil pump stuck. We'll see....
  4. Took it out 2 weeks ago to shake it down and worked out some weak spots. Ruined my steering rack on a rock I hit going about 80 mph. Hoping the new HD one gets delivered today so we can get it installed before out trip to the dez tomorrow. Shake down #2...Had too much fun out there on the 1st shake down and only took a couple pics. I'll try to take some vids and what not this weekend if we get it fixed in time.
  5. While we were in there we saw that the 10 leaf G26 pack was flattened out pretty bad so we swapped out some 13 leaf Deaver U182's. That sucked also.
  6. Saw that the rear diff was leaking so had to pull everything and replace the seal with a Lube Locker. That was a hoot...
  7. Apparently my dog thinks she is going to be the driver and I'm going to be the navigator
  8. Internal quick release fire extinguishers installed and bar padding installed in the necessary places.
  9. Got the exterior rear quick release fire extinguishers installed and of course the Score International sticker has been applied.
  10. So I now have the truck in my possession but I have to do one more trip back to the shop to do a few last things.New seal on the rear diffNew Deaver U182 leaf springs. G26's were on there and they were shot. Adjust the front shocks to get 4 more inches of up travel once the Deavers are onConnect the AC vent hosing inside the center console.Change out the malfuctioning fitting on the oil cooler. On the 1st day I drove it home it was pissing oil all over the road, driveway etc...
  11. Trans and oil cooler protective screen got finished. Came out clean. Got the 2 quick release fire extinguisher mounts welded to the tubing also.
  12. Truck is powered and running. Did the shake down drive a week ago and now we're rebuilding the rear shocks and replacing the busted sway away bump stops with some King bump stops with 4 inches of play. Front and back shocks needed to be valved and rebuilt.
  13. BTW... Have to give props to Rigid Industries. The 50" LED light bar on my truck had been on for years and all of a sudden it started having a strobing issue. Ran through all of the troubleshooting we could on our side and no luck resolving the issue. Called Rigid and they have a lifetime warranty on the internals. I sent it in and they had it back to me within 10 days. I covered shipping there and they covered back to me.Can't say enough about how awesome that is. Great customer service and a great quality product.
  14. The buggy whips got installed. 2 of them and they are BRIGHT to say the least.
  15. Rear safety light bar got wired. Kurt had to tear apart the entire wire harness and rewire it to get it to function the way I want it. Now when the rear light switch is thrown the 2 x red and 2 x amber run through 3 different flashing patterns and the white lights are linked to the brakes. Super stoked they figured that out. Not going to get nerfed now when I'm blazing through the silt/dust/fog/low viz sections.

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