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  1. HID low beam lights

    there a link you could send for h11 relay harness with capacitors
  2. HID low beam lights

    wicked tha is for the help. much appreciated!
  3. HID low beam lights

    no I was unaware that you needed them actually. they help feed the power needed to the bulbs themselves? and where could I get my hands on them?
  4. hey just recently bought a set of hid lights for my 2015 Silverado 1500 Ltz. got them installed the power to the battery and grounded properly ballast hooked up correct and wiring harness. worked for about a day and boom no lights. swapped the harness for a buddies that he didn't use anymore and again after a minute this time and they shut off and wont work again. please help!
  5. programmer

    yeah mine is my daily as well. just want a bit more out of it. thanks for your help!
  6. programmer

    yeah that is true enough. thanks for the input!
  7. programmer

    that's good. can you change shift firmness? and shift points? I know I had the edge cs and it kicked like a mule when you put your foot I to it. that was for my 08 silverado though
  8. programmer

    I have a 2015 silverado with the 5.3 im just curious to see what programmers people find best?

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