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  1. So here's the situation... 2018 LTZ Bout a month ago was rear ended and the Chevy body shop just called to inform me that they have successfully pulled the frame back to shape. The hitch was basically bent to where the spare tire is. The truck was bought in late JAN, with 10k miles on it now. Now I have to drive my brand new truck with a pulled frame and be worried about getting rear ended again, and the integrity not being the same as it was.. Would you guys B**** and complain to the opposing insurance company to get you a whole new frame or just deal with the pulled frame? They are still in the repair process obviously... IDK what to do.
  2. https://m.lowes.com/pd/Hillman-2-Pack-0-75-in-Black-Plastic-Hole-Plug/3109075
  3. Thanks that's what I thought. Guilty. Was lazy and thought I'd just ask here 😂
  4. I hope this hasn't been brought up I couldn't find anything really. In the process of looking at truck since I believe mine is going to be totalled.. now I know what I want in the truck after having my 2018 LTZ for a year. LOOKING FOR, 2018 LT crew cab 6.2 leather Mylink I can live without the lane keep assist and adjustable pedals.
  5. Damn well that's good news. How long were you without the truck?
  6. I believe the cop said she was drinking so that is just awesome. And that's good news because this truck was my baby... I'm was supposed to be my toy hauler lol.
  7. Well... Haven't even had the truck a year and someone rear ended me doing about 45-50. Both I believe are okay,, I haven't calmed down yet off the fight or flight attitude. Stopped at a red light at 10 pm and saw a car coming up fast from behind. Couldn't pull into the intersection because of cars, so braced for impact and waited for the inevitable. When she hit smoke filled my cabin but no airbags seem to have deployed? Seat belt did it's thing and 'broke' (whatever you want to call it). QUESTION, you think it's totalled? She hit right on the hitch, unfortunately no hitch ball was on so it's mangled and so is the whole bumper.
  8. Window Auto Up Feature

    Here's a good video that explains why manufacturers don't do it. And it's Brian Cooley so it's entertaining.
  9. Google "silverado forum (size tire you want)" and chances are someone has pictures of it. Whether it be stock or leveled. Ex. "Silverado forum 275/65/r20"
  10. I wouldn't worry about it. One complaint of the shake always outweighs the other 99% of drama free trucks. It didnt even cross my mind when buying my ltz (same as the slt pretty much) 6k miles no issues. I know its not a lot but i've done 4 road trips doing 85 the whole way. Tracks straight as an arrow.
  11. Features I never touch

    Whatever this thing is.. makes annoying clicking sounds everytime i use it.
  12. Thanks! He loves sticking his head out the sliding window in the back. I'm scared one day some dummy is going to take a picture and rear end me though.
  13. Thanks! And I guess you can call me a truck hipster for now haha.

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