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  1. Window Auto Up Feature

    Here's a good video that explains why manufacturers don't do it. And it's Brian Cooley so it's entertaining.
  2. Google "silverado forum (size tire you want)" and chances are someone has pictures of it. Whether it be stock or leveled. Ex. "Silverado forum 275/65/r20"
  3. I wouldn't worry about it. One complaint of the shake always outweighs the other 99% of drama free trucks. It didnt even cross my mind when buying my ltz (same as the slt pretty much) 6k miles no issues. I know its not a lot but i've done 4 road trips doing 85 the whole way. Tracks straight as an arrow.
  4. Features I never touch

    Whatever this thing is.. makes annoying clicking sounds everytime i use it.
  5. Thanks! He loves sticking his head out the sliding window in the back. I'm scared one day some dummy is going to take a picture and rear end me though.
  6. Thanks! And I guess you can call me a truck hipster for now haha.
  7. What's up everyone, lurker here. I've had my 2018 5.3 LTZ since late January and now have done a few things to show it off. Ultimate goal is to have a "overland" truck I use that lightly as I just want to explore easy backtrails people don't usually go to camp. Love the truck! Traded my chevy Cruze for it. Definitely miss the gas mileage. But want big boy toys, got to pay big boy bills. CURRENT MODS: Window tint drivers side 20% Radio antenna removed Partial Debadge (I like the SILVERADO on the sides) Rear chevy OEM mudflats Borla ATAK dual side Dog hammock Amp powersteps LED reverse, cargo, and license plate lights WISH LIST Fox 2.0 or bilstein. Just want it leveled. Trim front air dam straight across Full front window tint? 70% (🤷‍♂️) KO2 275/65/R20 or 275/60/r20 (keeping the LTZ rims) Tepui roof top tent Expedition mule truck rack Front mudflaps EZ oil drain plug Whipple SC (dreaming)
  8. Left the silverado letters on the side since I think they look good on the blue.
  9. Water Pump/Gasket Leak

    +1 on the AC condensation. That description is pretty close to where my AC seems to drip.
  10. Was looking at a tepui or ikamper tent. Then looking at getting/building my own DECKED system for camping stuff!
  11. Anyone ever heard of mule equipped? Looking at a load bar for a "rooftop" tent and they have one that requires no drilling into the bed and looks pretty good. Or would you go with something more name brand like thule, and yakima? https://muleequipped.com/products/dodge-mule-truck-load-bar-rack-kit
  12. Hell yeah! That cold start is awesome. I don’t notice it while cruising anyways since I usually have music on, but that initial 0-40 it sounds like a truck.

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