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  1. Sending you a PM right now! Thanks!
  2. So I recently purchased this 2008 Silverado from auction. It’s a 2008 2500hd 6.0. Has a cylinder 3 misfire. Swapped the coils, injector, plugs and the misfire remains in cylinder 3. I did a compression test which showed an accoasional 150psi, but most of the time it would read 75psi after 5 cranks. Decided to removed the head and sent it out to get rebuilt due to some pitying on the valve and seats. Cylinder bore looked fine and the truck doesn’t burn any oil. Cam lob looked fine in cylinder 3 for both intake and exhaust. Everything in the cylinder head was replaced. Put everything back together and the truck still has a cylinder 3 misfire and remains with an occasional 150psi and now has 90-120psi most of the time. Im lost at this point and I’m getting ready to throw a new motor in this thing. It idles like crap but runs fine after that with no hesitations even under WOT. Am I missing anything?

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