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  1. Just installed some small LED accent lights in the small scoop above the grill. I planned to connect at the headlight harness below the left headlight. There are eight wires on the harness. I'm guessing it's best to hook into the driving/parking lights but which wire is it?? Some youtube info said yellow but ....wrong. I don't have a manual and can't find a 2017 diagram online. Alternate connection points are welcome. Any info is appreciated !
  2. I know I'm way behind the curve here, but I just switched from a 2005 Silverado to a 2017 Sierra and have been reading up a little to learn about my new ride. I have seen a lot about this AFM or V4 mode jazz which is all new to me until now. I have looked for an answer to the question..Is it on ALL GM trucks? I watched some videos on youtube pertaining to the cat back exhaust systems and these trucks. The ones I've seen showed a Manual position on the shifter quadrant and a small window below the speedo showing v4 or v8. My sierra is a base model 1500 regular cab 8 ft bed two wheel drive with a 5.3 My shift quadrant has a LOW postion at the bottom and no v4/v8 indicator. I hope that means I don't have that crap on my truck. I'm old school and only need me and a gas pedal. Can any one enlighten me on this? Thanks for any info.
  3. Thanks for the replies and info, guys. I was worried about warranties but now it looks like I might be up the creek on even getting the system. No one seems to have one that fits a 2017 GMC regular cab with an 8 ft. bed. Nothing's easy. I'll be on the phone to Borla this morning. Hopefully there is an answer. Can't stand that wimpy stock pipe.
  4. New here to the site. Just purchased a VERY low mile 2017 Sierra 1500 base pickup, 2 wd , regular cab, 8 ft. bed. I want to do a few upgrades as I did on my 2005 Silverado. Primary for me is the GM performance cat back exhaust system and the cold air intake kit. On the GM Performance parts site the descriptions took me to Part# 1903332. When I checked that part number with other suppliers it shows not to fit my configuration. A little more digging revealed a part number 1903331 which specifies it is for the single cab long bed with 5.3 gas engine. It also states NOT AVAILABLE. Other suppliers, the same. Since Borla is the manufacturer for the GM systems I checked their site and located four different part numbers which claim to fit the regular cab long bed 5.3 truck. The questions are.....#1 Why is that one particular application not available from GM? and #2 If I use a Borla branded equivilant system will it void my warranties? Thanks for any help!

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