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  1. No power uphill

    Heard from dealer today, my second cat was clogged, they had to replace the ECM because it was not throwing codes that their scan tool picked up and whole A/c control panel, have to pick it up Tuesday , thank goodness I bought extended warranty
  2. No power uphill

    Dropping off at the dealership today and hopefully I’ll get an answer
  3. No power uphill

    Dealership has used diagnostic tools and replaced maf sensor, I think it may be torque converter as I am feeling excess heat right under driver door
  4. No power uphill

    Sorry guys , I have the gas 6.0, if I gun from stop it will hesitate then take off and if I gun it while driving it will slowly add rpm, but if I feather the gas I can drive fine, almost
  5. No power uphill

    Come on guys , no ideas ? I have seen this problem many times around web but no real answers.....
  6. No power uphill

    I have searched and gotten several answers, do you think I should try replacing the plugs ? Also someone said something about a “spider”? There are no wires right ? Just coils and a bad coil usually throw a cel , I am still under warranty and dealer has done all past work but he ran all the diagnostics and comes up empty, I could barely drive home today, much worse at end of day when hotter. i use this truck for my livelihood, please help !
  7. I have a early build 2015 gmc 3500 dually , w 66k i got in 2014. Have had this problem for awhile now. No power under load, if you slowly press gas it’s ok but no power under load, just bogs and won’t go over 2k rpm,Replaced fuel pump, air filter, catalytic converter , maf sensor. Don’t know if it related but also replaced a/c compressor and condenser but ac still blows at half speed and if you turn temp dial off of cold it gets hot and stays hot no matter what you do with dial.no cels or codes Please help

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